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Marine Corps Memories: The COM-PAC Clothing Marking Kit

COM-PAC Clothing Marking Kit The marking kit I had to use for my uniforms when I was in the Marine Corps sucked to no end. Not only that, but I always had to buy two at a time because my last name has three “n” characters.

I found images of the exact product at Etsy. It was manufactured by the Bean Manufacturing Company in Bonsall, California. Later versions were manufactured by the company in Vista, California. That particular product is no longer sold.

Marking Kit Ink

There were two tubes of ink in each kit. One white and one black. The white ink was for the black dress socks and the black ink was for everything else. There was always plenty of white ink left over. None of the ink was sold separately. To get more of the same kind of black ink, I had to buy another marking kit.

I don’t know if Marines still have to mark their uniforms. When I joined in 1978, name tapes weren’t sewed onto our uniforms. I had to start getting them sewn onto my camouflage utility uniforms (called “battle dress uniforms” in the Army) many years later.

I can remember getting the black ink on things it wasn’t meant to be on. It was messy and permanent. I always dreaded getting ready for wall locker inspections. That is, until I no longer had to stand those types of inspections. Once I became a staff sergeant, I only had to stand outdoor uniform inspections. I didn’t mark a single uniform item after that.

The Newer Marking Kit Version

I found the newer marking kit being sold on, which really surprised me. After all, it’s no longer being made.

There are a lot of things I miss about the Marine Corps. Using a marking kit to mark any kind of clothing isn’t one of them.

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By RT Cunningham
March 27, 2018