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Collecting Music for a Wedding Reception

music notes A brother-in-law’s wife (called bilas in Tagalog) has a niece from her side of the family staying with her. Her niece’s name is Cathy. Cathy’s getting married in December and the reception will be in our back yard. I asked Cathy what kind of music she wanted us to play and she gave me a few titles. I obtained those songs but there wasn’t enough of them for the beginning of the reception, when she does her wedding dances with the groom and other relatives. I ended up hanging around some young adults to find out what music is popular today.

My Music List

This is my list so far and it probably won’t change. At least four of the songs are soundtracks from movies and TV shows. The slower songs will be played at the beginning:

I just recently copied around 15 gigabytes of music to a new 32-gigabyte USB flash drive. It took me longer than I expected because I had it spread out on two laptop computers and two external hard drives. I probably deleted as much as I copied. I have music from every decade from the 1950’s (Elvis) to 2015, including disco. I’m going to use another bilas (a male this time) to act as a deejay so I won’t get stuck doing it.

I’ll be playing the music from this laptop computer hooked to some old Creative Labs speakers (one main and four satellite speakers). I already have them cataloged in a music library using MusicBee.

Karaoke Music to Follow

Most parties here include karaoke, called “videoke” in the Philippines because of how the machines are set up. The wedding reception will include karaoke music after the main festivities are over.

I probably won’t be using my laptop computer outdoors for more than an hour or so. The wedding dance and dances with other people included in the wedding (like parents) need it and no one will be doing the videoke thing until after everyone gets done with dinner.

What about the Groom?

There isn’t a guarantee that a wedding is actually going to take place. No wedding, no wedding reception. No wedding reception, no wedding music. If no wedding takes place, I won’t have to spend a dime from my pocket. Unfortunately for me, it looks like I’ll be spending some money in December. After all, I’ll be hosting all of this.

I haven’t mentioned the groom because I don’t want to jinx things. It seems things don’t work out more often than they do and I don’t want to be even remotely responsible for causing issues. I may have jinxed it already just by writing about it.

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By RT Cunningham
October 25, 2015
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