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Coffee Makers Cost More in the Philippines than in the United States

coffee makers Coffee makers cost more in the Philippines than in the United States. Much more. And I don’t know why. Way back in 2015, I mentioned how computer parts and laptop computers cost more in the Philippines.

I wrote that while I was in the Philippines. I’m writing this today from the United States. My perspective may be different but my opinion is not.

Expensive Coffee Makers

Josie (my wife) and I are staying with our older son, Joseph, and his family. I asked his wife, Diann, how much she paid for their Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker. She didn’t remember the exact price. It was around $80.00. I looked it up at various websites and found it anywhere from $75 to $90.

I then looked for coffee makers like it, even older models of the same machine, at, which delivers to where I live in Olongapo, Philippines. The least expensive one I saw was 12,025 pesos, or about $224.00 USD. That’s close to three times than it is to two times more expensive than in the United States.

Why are Coffee Makers More Expensive in the Philippines?

I don’t know why but I can guess. Instant coffee is popular while brewed coffee isn’t. It has a lot to do with poverty percentages and the cost of living in the Philippines. Instant coffee is heavily advertised on all the Filipino channels. Brewed coffee isn’t.

The brand names I hear all the time in the Philippines are Nescafé and Kopiko. I never hear of Folgers or any other American brand unless it’s on an international channel.

Indeed. I now prefer instant coffee over brewed coffee. I like Nescafé Classic in the Philippines and Nescafé Clasico in the United States. It has nothing to do with the price of either one.

I have an older Korea-made coffee maker at our house in the Philippines. It’s a cheap model and I want to replace it with something better. Not something way more expensive. I haven’t seen inexpensive coffee makers anywhere in the Philippines.

The only reason I even look at coffee makers is because my guests like brewed coffee and I aim to please. For myself, I couldn’t care less about them.

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By RT Cunningham
July 16, 2018
Coffee, Food and Drink, House and Home