Coffee – A Good Cup versus a Bad Cup

brewed coffee I know more about coffee than I care to know. I don’t know as much as the Wikipedia page on it provides and I consider that a good thing. When I wake up in the morning, I just want to be able to sip on a good cup of Joe, get my caffeine jolt for the day, and continue on.

I was recently reminded of how bad a cup of java can taste. What’s worse than no coffee at all? Bad-tasting coffee. I might as well flavor mine with the taste of my dirty socks if I want it to taste bad.

Green and Black Coffee

Green coffee doesn’t truly exist. It’s just what raw coffee beans are called, which are really seeds of fruit. Black coffee doesn’t truly exist either, but what else would you call a cup of it when the liquid looks black? It generally refers to a cup of it without anything else added to it. I can’t drink it completely black unless it’s incredibly weak. I like it strong, with a couple of spoons of sugar added.

There’s a good reason people use white, processed sugar with their cups (or mugs) of coffee. Other types of sweeteners can alter the taste and most of the time, it doesn’t make it taste better. I know this from experience.

Roasters and Grinders

You can find grinders in a lot of supermarkets, next to bags of roasted beans. If I wanted to grind my own beans, I’d start by growing the plants (trees or bushes or whatever).

I want as little to do with the preparation stages as possible. This is why I only drink it in the instant form these days (and I wouldn’t touch Civet Coffee with a 10-foot pole even if I was paid to drink it). Maybe it’s because I’m old and jaded or maybe it’s because I’m lazy. Take your pick.

Cold or Hot, Make it Instant

Instant coffee comes in powdered form, freeze-dried forms and other non-brewing forms. I also consider it instant if I don’t have to make it, like when I get it from a coffee shop (where it starts as one or two shots of espresso). I’ve never had hot coffee from a can and I probably never will.

I have a coffee maker at home but I rarely use it. It’s for guests who demand brewed coffee (and usually bring their own with them), like when one of my wife’s aunts visited from the United States. Yes, she brought her own coffee and I think there’s still some left in one of my kitchen cabinets.

I like most instant coffee brands but then again, it depends on few things. I don’t like the Maxwell House instant. The flavor doesn’t agree with me and I don’t know why. I won’t buy any of the cheap brands, especially those that aren’t 100 percent pure. I won’t buy any of the really expensive brands either, like the Starbucks VIA Instant Brew. I love coffee, but not that much.

The Coffee Habit

Some people call it a caffeine addiction but I don’t buy it. Many things that are called addictions are merely habits.

I can go for days without any form of caffeine and it’s because I won’t make a special trip to the grocery store to buy anything I consider “comfort food” (or drinks in this case) when I run out of it before the next scheduled grocery run.

Mugs and Cups

The same mugs used for coffee can be used for almost anything you drink, when you don’t drink directly from the can or the bottle. Some places, usually booths in malls, will take pictures and glaze them to the outside of a mug. I had one like that for years before someone broke it.

I used to have a huge collection of mugs, even though I wasn’t actively collecting them. They just sort of accumulated over time. That collection has all but disappeared since I’ve lived in the Philippines. Most of them were broken but I’m sure some ended up in some of my relatives houses.

June 1, 2016

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