CMS Project – Yes, I’m Working on it again after a Long Break

cms project The last time I worked on my CMS project was a few months ago. Most of what I was doing was research – very little coding. I mentioned the CMS in general and then template engines in March.

I’ve obviously learned a few things since then. If I can get this CMS to do what I want it to do, it will likely replace WordPress as my CMS, even on my local computer. That’s a big IF.

The CMS Project Back-End will use a Template, but not a Template Engine

I had to clarify that. I don’t need a template engine. HTML5 is pretty easy to manipulate without using one. First, I looked at the HTML5 Boilerplate template and then, the responsive template at Initializr.

I don’t like the orange color scheme, so I need to change it quickly. I don’t need the aside and some of the other things provided, but I won’t have to change much. I’m going to use a full-width content page and Slidebars to display any menus I need.

Locally hosted CSS and JavaScript Libraries

I thought about using CDN hosted CSS and JavaScript libraries, but I’m developing this for offline use. The CSS libraries (if you can call them that) I need to download are the latest versions of Normalize.css and Font Awesome. I’m not even going to bother with a Google Font of any kind (using “sans-serif” as the only font).

The JavaScript libraries I need to download are the latest versions of jQuery (in the version 1 series) and Slidebars. I don’t have to worry about polyfills and other such nonsense on the back-end of my CMS project.

I plan to share what I’ve done when it’s all done. Anyone wanting to use this will use a modern browser. Supporting all the old versions of Internet Explorer is a waste of my time.

How Long?

It depends on what’s going on around me. I get depressed at times and when I do, I refuse to code anything new. That’s when I focus on fixing minor things that tend to annoy me.

I don’t have to spend hours out and about paying bills or shopping until next month. If I can stay focused on the task at hand, I’ll complete my CMS project by then.

By the way, I already have a name for my CMS. I won’t give it away, however, until I make it public.

June 6, 2017

Web Development

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