CMS Notes – The Things I’ve been Working on Lately

cms notes I’m sharing some of my ideas, some CMS notes I’ve made. While I’m designing my CMS for me and me alone, I plan to share it publicly. Others can improve it, if they so desire.

Have you heard of not seeing the forest for the trees? That’s what happened to me. It took me some serious thought to start seeing the big picture.

CMS Notes – Licensing Schemes

If the terms “GPL”, “LGPL” “AGPL”, “Creative Commons” and “MIT License” confuse you, you’re not alone. They confuse me too.

The first version of the GNU General Public License (GNU is pronounced “new”) was written in 1989. That was years before the Internet became a thing. The first GPL applied to software on personal computers.

Among other things, I have to consider what licence to release my software under. The licenses in the included JavaScript libraries and CSS files can stand on their own. My part will be Creative Commons CCO – public domain. I just have to make it clear in the software itself.

CMS Notes – Open Graph Protocol and Microformats

The Open Graph protocol was invented by Facebook. Other social networks use it as well. I’m not going to use it or support it.

The microformat is supposed to make indexing metadata easier for search engines. I’m not going to use it or support it either.

I’m writing from experience. Neither of these things has ever helped me with search engines or social media. They’re just extra layers of code that make web pages longer than they need to me.

Most WordPress themes don’t support them on their own. You have to use plugins to enable them. Many of the lesser know content management systems and static site generators don’t support them either.

The “meta” and “link” information already present in the head section are sufficient for me.

CMS Notes – HTML5, Web Editor and Media Manager

I’ve been using WordPress for more than 10 years. I have yet to use the built-in web editor (or visual editor, if you prefer) for anything. I use the “HTML” editor only and manually enter the HTML tags I use. It really isn’t that hard once you memorize them.

The only thing I wanted (I emphasize wanted) was a decent image manager. After examining more software packages than I care to remember, I’m going to do without.

I will use a standard HTML textarea and enter the image information manually, along with all the HTML5 tags I need. Responsive images, you say? Never mind. None of the images will be larger than 300 pixels wide. And how many people actually click on images to see the larger version?

I’m an access log fanatic. I scan mine daily for various reasons. The only entities who seem to look at the larger images are search engine crawlers and other bots of various flavors.

Once I decided not to play the game the way the bots of the world (search and social) want me to play, my path to completing my CMS became clear. These CMS notes simply emphasize the things that have been on my mind lately. I should definitely be done by the end of the month.

June 12, 2017

Web Development

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