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Where to Watch Classic Movies Online for Free

popcorn - classic movies If you like classic movies, there isn’t a shortage of the older ones. Most of them are no longer covered by copyrights and you should be able to download them freely but in most cases, you can’t. The streaming services that offer them aren’t set up to allow downloads. There are ways around that, of course, and I’ll tell you about one of those ways shortly. I’m not into watching classic movies myself, but there are some specific titles I’ve gone out of my way to get simply because I watched them when I was young and I want to watch them again. It’s a nostalgia kind of thing.

Where to Find Classic Movies Online

It takes more effort than I’m willing to make to find every source of classic movies online. You can find some of them in these places:

Classic Cinema Online
Movies at the Internet Archive
Public Domain Torrents
– YouTube – The Video Cellar’s Classic Movie Archive

Yes, I know, I have a link for YouTube in that list. I’m just trying to make it easy for you.

How to Download Classic Movies from YouTube

You can actually download any video from YouTube. You need a browser extension to do it and the “1-Click YouTube Video Downloader” for Firefox seems to work the best.

That’s one way I’m sure about. Of course, anything that can be displayed on a computer monitor can be captured with the right software application. I’m not familiar with any specific software applications to do it with and it’s not something I’ve looked for.

Classic Movies from many Decades

I’ve watched movies going all the way back to 1937 (“Topper”) and I’ve enjoyed most of them. I like a lot of “B” movies as well as top-billed movies (before there was such as thing as “blockbusters”).

Blockbusters are overrated anyway. Some of the best movies ever made were low-budget movies that did surprisingly well. The “Halloween” movie from 1978 is a perfect example. It had an estimated budget of $300,000 and it grossed $47,000,000 in the United States alone (according to IMDB). Although the remake of 2007 did well, it didn’t generate nearly the profits of the first.

I have hundreds of movies I’ve converted from DVD and other formats. Some of them are classic movies but most of them aren’t, if you think of it by percentage. I have a lot more classic movies that I’ve downloaded from one place or another. I hope to list the titles I have at some future date.

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By RT Cunningham
April 12, 2015
Entertainment and Recreation