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Cinemas at the Harbor Point Ayala Mall at Subic Bay

theater popcorn - cinemas Cinemas only exist in two places considered nearby. I live in the Santa Rita barangay (neighborhood/subdivision) of Olongapo City. Downtown Olongapo City and the Subic Bay Freeport Zone are “nearby”. Most of the places we go are less than five kilometers away.

The cinemas are at two malls, SM City Olongapo (in Olongapo City, naturally) and the Harbor Point Ayala Mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

My Second Visit to the Harbor Point Cinemas

As I mentioned when I wrote about my first movie theater movie in over a decade, Josie (my wife) and I went to the movies last night to watch “Captain America: Civil War”. Last time, there was six of us watching “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. This time, there was 10 of us altogether.

I also mentioned why we didn’t go to cinemas more often. I neglected to point something out. There were no movie theaters nearby when we moved here in 2006. If we wanted to watch movies at any cinemas at all, we had to go to another city. Frankly, I couldn’t see the expenses of getting there justifiable.

Both of the malls here opened in 2012. I went to the states in 2012, returned and left again in 2013, finally returning with Josie in December of 2014. Now that we’re both living here permanently (and she’s not going back for needless work), we should be visiting the cinemas more often, but not more than once every month or two.

We’ve never gone to the movies at SM City Olongapo and we don’t plan to start. From what one of my nephews and his girlfriend tell me, the cinemas at Harbor Point Ayala Mall are nicer anyway.

A Brief Half-Assed Review

Titles don’t mean much these days, as long as we know what we’re getting. “Captain America: Civil War” could have been named “Avengers: Civil War” because most of the members were in it. The only members missing were Hulk and Thor. The Black Panther and Spider-Man joined the ruckus, but most of the screen time was focused on Captain America and Iron Man.

Speaking of Spider-Man, I feel obligated to write an article about that particular superhero. The Sony-owned movie versions didn’t do the character justice. This movie showed us a Peter Parker that actually looked and sounded his age. After all, he got his powers while he was in high school.

A reboot more true to Peter Parker’s character would be something I’d be eager to watch in the cinemas, more so than anything else. There are four cinemas at the Harbor Point Ayala Mall, by the way.


Concessions, the food you buy at the theater, isn’t restricted like those in the United States. We can bring our own food in, if that’s what we want to do. Popcorn and soda on that floor of the mall is cheap enough but I could bring sandwiches in a brown paper bag and no one would complain.

In the United States, the concessions themselves can make a cinematic movie experience way more expensive than it needs to be. I probably won’t bring any food from outside because I like the popcorn I can get there, but at least I have the option.

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By RT Cunningham
May 7, 2016