Christopher Cross – A Soft Rock Army Brat from Texas

Christopher Cross I bought the first album, self-titled as “Christopher Cross”, a few months before I bought my first car (a used car and I’m not telling you what it was). The car had only an AM/FM player in it, so one of the first things I did was replace it with one that could play music cassettes.

1980 was a heck of a year for me. I got my first driver’s license in 1980 (at the age of 19), just a couple of months before buying the car. It was a Southern California car, without an air conditioner. Buying that car was a mistake I didn’t realize I’d made until I drove it from San Diego to Phoenix. I really can’t complain. I only paid $800 for it. Yes, I only paid $800!

Getting Sick of Christopher Cross

The only reason I played music cassettes in my car is because of the “dead” zones between San Diego and Phoenix (in Arizona). My parents lived in Coolidge, which was midway between metro Phoenix and Tucson.

While I was in-range of San Diego and while I was in range of Phoenix, I could pick up all kinds of great radio stations on the FM dial. When I wasn’t, I was lucky to pick up anything clear on the AM dial.

I listened to Christopher Cross, along with other music artists (and bands) in the dead zones. That is, until certain radio stations played the same songs every 10 minutes. Like so much of the music back then, I ended up stashing a lot of the overplayed music in boxes. Some of it never saw the light of day again.

Sailing – 1980

This song (the single) won Grammy Awards in 1981 for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Arrangement of the Year.

Ride Like the Wind – 1980

Although this song didn’t win any awards, I liked it more than the rest of the songs on the first album, especially a few years later.

Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do) – 1981

From the soundtrack for the “Arthur” movie, this one won an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Original Song.


October 27, 2016


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