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Chocolate Overload - Chocolate Cake and Rocky Road Ice Cream

chocolate cake My daughter-in-law, Cathy, bought me a small chocolate cake on Father’s Day. She showed it to me early in the day and later in the day, I ate a piece of it. I had cut it into quarters and that piece was a quarter.

No one touched the cake again until a day or two later (I really don’t remember). Cathy bought rocky road ice cream, but not because of Father’s Day. Cathy, my wife (Josie) and I ate the three remaining pieces along with a little ice cream. I call it chocolate overload, especially when I can’t expend all the energy it creates.

The Best Chocolate Cakes

While there are dozens of bakeries in Olongapo and the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, there are two I consider the best.

The Goldilocks bakery has been around since 1966. While they make good cakes, there’s another bakery I like better. It’s the Red Ribbon bakery, which hasn’t been around as long. I don’t think Red Ribbon showed up in Olongapo until after the Jollibee Food Corporation acquired it in 2005.

I could be wrong (I don’t think I am) but I think Cathy buys her cakes at the Harbor Point mall at the freeport zone. There’s a Red Ribbon stall on the ground floor.

The Best Chocolate Ice Cream

The local brands aren’t the best but they’re the most affordable. The two brands I like are Magnolia and Selecta, in that order. Both brands have been around a long time.

There are better brands (imported) that can only be found in places like the Royal Subic stores and the Puregold stores, all at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. I can probably find them in certain places in downtown Olongapo if I look hard enough, but I don’t eat ice cream often enough to care.

Chocolate Overload

You know how sweets that include sugar can cause hyperactivity in children? It’s like that with me and chocolate. I avoid it most of the time.

When I ate that cake and ice cream, I couldn’t sleep well until a day later. It could have been the sugar or it could have been the caffeine in the chocolate, but I really don’t know. It didn’t really make me hyperactive but it kept me awake.

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By RT Cunningham
June 25, 2017
Food and Drink