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A Chimichanga is Nothing More than a Deep-Fried Burrito

chimichanga I hate it when I learn something I should’ve known long ago. A chimichanga is nothing more than a deep-fried burrito, a fact I just recently learned. I always called deep-fried burritos exactly that.

My wife, Josie, recently found some frozen chimichanga and burrito packages at a local grocery store. One said “chimichangas” and the other said “burritos”. Can you guess what the difference was? There wasn’t any! The ingredients were identical.

The Chimichanga is a Marketing Gimmick

When Josie and I lived in Phoenix, we picked up the José Olé brand of chimichangas as often as possible. The main ingredients were steak and cheese and they were often sold out.

We never saw anything like them until Josie found the El Monterey brand locally. She found both chimichangas and burritos. She picked up one package of each.

When I looked at them here at home, I noticed they looked the same. I checked the ingredients of each and they were the same. Exactly the same. I was almost disappointed but I couldn’t be. The ingredients of both were chopped steak and three types of cheese. And they cost the same.

The El Monterey brand is more expensive than the Tina’s brand, but oh so much better. The burritos are about the same size. I miss convenience store burritos (in the United States) because they were huge. They were usually locally made, with a lot more care put into them.

When the Chimichanga and Burrito Packages are Out of Stock

There are two Royal Subic stores, one much newer than the other. They don’t carry the same things, which is odd. The owners are the same.

Josie found the chimichanga and burrito packages by accident while looking for something else. The story of my life - I always find the things I need when I’m not looking for them.

The store will probably run out of them and not reorder them until months have passed. That’s what usually happens at the stores here. I have to enjoy eating them when I can.

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By RT Cunningham
December 29, 2017
Food and Drink

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