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Cheap Hotels in Olongapo City - When there’s no Place to Rent

cheap hotels Cheap hotels in Olongapo City can make an expensive trip a bit less expensive. Arlene’s Inn (actually three inns) is one of the more affordable places to stay, especially for solo travelers. In some cases, it may even be cheaper to stay in a hotel than it is to rent a place.

Some people balk at the prices but I can tell you the cheap hotels are cheaper than almost anywhere in the United States. If you avoid the hotel and beach resorts, you can easily spend less than a $1000 for a month, even if you pay daily. Of course, you need to check the amenities in any one hotel to avoid getting stuck in a place that doesn’t agree with you.

The Prices of the Cheap Hotels

Normally, I’d point people to TripAdvisor to get an idea of the prices you can expect. The problem with that is there may be hotels that aren’t listed. Still, it’s a pretty good starting point.

Renting houses and apartments can range from less than $100 to $220 (about 10,000 pesos), but I don’t have a lot of information about any being available. Especially for only a month. Now, most of the cheap hotels have rooms for single travelers at a cost of 1000 pesos or less per day. Even at today’s foreign currency exchange rate (dollars to pesos), it would come out to less than $700 for a month.

If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong by staying at one of the beach hotels and resorts. You’ll probably have to pay more than twice as much to get a comparable room to the cheap hotels, but I guess it depends on whether you want convenient access to a beach or restaurant or not.

An Overseas Trip to Olongapo City will Set you Back a Bit

I always tell people to be prepared. Once you figure in the travel cost, you have to figure in the staying cost and the staying cost will depend on the length of your trip. Local food is relatively cheap, even in some of the better restaurants. It can cost a single traveler up to $5000 for a month’s stay, including the air fare of course. If you’re frugal, it will still cost more than $2000.

I’ve had relatives visit and stay more than once. They didn’t spend a lot, comparatively, because they ate mostly home-prepared food and stayed in one of our rooms. We don’t have rooms available now because relatives are temporarily staying in them and I have no idea when they’ll be moving out.

If possible, you should make contact with people who live here in advance. Way in advance. You may be surprised at how many people would be willing to rent a single room for a month for a price lower than a day at a hotel. I wish I had contacts like that but I don’t get around much.

If you can’t find a room, apartment or house that you can afford, then cheap hotels will work for you as a last resort. If money’s not an object, it could be the better choice.

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By RT Cunningham
April 11, 2016

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