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Celebrity Death Lists and the Celebrities I Can Actually Remember

Celebrity Death List I don’t like celebrity death lists like those at the Deathlist website. Those are death predictions and confirmations. I just want to know what celebrities have died and when.

I define celebrities as people who are well-known in entertainment, politics or in other fields of interest. It should come as no surprise that I’m more interested in entertainers than other occupations. There’s simply more of them.

Comprehensive Celebrity Death Lists

One category at Fifties Web is a good source for all the names of the people who’ve passed over the years. Well, at least back to 1997. I’m not going to pretend to remember more than a few of them.

I’m not interested in people I don’t remember. Isn’t that the point of being a celebrity, being remembered for something? Anything? Just because someone’s famous somewhere doesn’t make them famous everywhere.

I’ve lived in the United States and the Philippines and I have no interest in celebrities in other places.

My Own Celebrity Death Lists?

I thought about it and decided it isn’t worth the effort. There are people I remember well and some I don’t remember well. There are people I don’t remember at all.

If I tried to compile celebrity death lists like others already have, but do it right, it would take days. I don’t want to spend days doing something like that. Especially when very few people would even bother to look at it.

There are people I choose to remember and I don’t really care if they’re on one celebrity death list or another. They’re people who’ve had an impact on my life in some way. I won’t mention their names and I won’t mention what impact they had. Some things are personal.

Other people have made it a point to talk or write about certain celebrities. Usually, it’s a celebrity someone thinks died before his or her time. I’m talking about people like:

Trekkies and Trekkers (Star Trek fans) were especially saddened by the death of Leonard Nimoy on February 27, 2015, at the age of 83.

Most celebrities who end up on celebrity death lists live long and full lives. It seems people only remember those who don’t.

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By RT Cunningham
July 25, 2018
Entertainment and Recreation