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Category: Entertainment and Recreation

Entertainment comes in many forms and so does recreation. Both of them overlap.

I don’t participate in most forms of recreation anymore. It has a lot to do with my age. Entertainment, that’s a different story. I’m surprised at how little it takes to keep me entertained these days.


Your definition of entertainment may not be the same as mine. There’s no argument against movies and television, music and concerts and even video games.

The argument is in other categories. Sports can be considered entertainment for some people. For me, a small child carrying on in a way that makes me laugh is entertainment for me.


Some forms of recreation can be considered entertainment and vice-versa. Most people think of recreation as outdoor activities but it really isn’t. Playing pool is considered a form of recreation and it takes place indoors. So do most board games.

Camping is a form of recreation. It’s something I won’t participate in on purpose, especially since I was practically forced into it while in the military. I have absolutely nothing against outdoor sports.

I like swimming and playing volleyball outdoors but I’m getting too old to actually enjoy anything that requires a lot of movement.

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