RT Cunningham

Bugs that Bug me in the Philippines

man-cave bugs I’ve told people over and over how the Philippines is a great place to retire. Unfortunately, if bugs bother you, it really isn’t. I’m one month short of a decade living here and I still can’t get used to all the bugs that bother me regularly. Even the ones that only bother me once in a while are hard to ignore. Not all of them are specific to the tropics and the most annoying ones aren’t considered tropical at all.

Bugs like Mosquitoes and Moths

I’m spending more and more time in my outdoor man-cave. I’m in it before the sun comes up and I’m in it well after the sun goes down.

The mosquitoes are driving me crazy. They didn’t bother me before because I rarely went outside until the sun was up. But now… and there isn’t supposed to be any standing water nearby. Where the hell are all the mosquitoes coming from?

I don’t know when and why the moths come out when they do, but they seem to be in abundance right after a heavy rain. We have to turn lights off in the house when that happens until we can make sure every window is closed. They find ways to get in through the smallest cracks.

I haven’t had to deal with them in my outdoor man-cave yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough. When it happens, I’ll have turn off the overhead light and leave it off until the geckos finish them off and there’ll be hundreds of geckos out here when they show up. The moths will flock towards another nearby outside light, up below the eave of the house. That’s where most of the geckos hang out everyday anyway.

Tropical Bugs

I don’t know the names of half of them. There are some bees that I’ve never seen anywhere else and they like to hang around the lights at night too. Unfortunately, the geckos don’t seem to be interested in them.

Some beetles like to bother me as well. The only one I know by name is the uwang.

The most annoying bug is the common housefly. They’re very common here because we live near a pig slaughterhouse. I try to get my relatives to stop eating outside because of the mess that’s left behind. The flies increase exponentially at times and it coincides with their eating patterns. It hasn’t been too bad lately because the worst offenders don’t eat outside anymore.

The number of insects here isn’t as bad in other places in the Philippines. In some places, I might as well be standing in the middle of the jungle. And to think a lot of families don’t even bother to put glass panes in their windows. They must like sleeping with the bugs that get in.


RT Cunningham
March 7, 2016