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My Bottled Water Delivery is Cheaper than yours

When I say my bottled water delivery is cheaper than yours, I’m probably right. I’ve used the same delivery service for almost a decade and I know the family that runs the business. They have a weird name, “Blue Boz”. They haven’t raised prices when other bottled water delivery services have. Some start-ups have tried to compete, but they always end up failing.

Bottled Water Delivery – Bottles but not Water Coolers

Water cooler is a misnomer because most are cold and hot water dispensers. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Our bottled water delivery service provides the bottles at no charge. They don’t provide a water cooler. We had to buy ours and we’ve gone through two so far. They’re not very expensive.

They service so many people that we now get bottles with labels on them for other companies. I guess it doesn’t matter. All of the bottles are the same size. I would assume five gallons, but they may be using liters and milliliters here. They’re the same size as the bottles used in the United States.

I could call this a purified water delivery service, at least as far as “Blue Boz” is concerned. They use the same filtration system I used in my house when I lived in Phoenix, including the reverse osmosis canister. The difference is they have at least five of them. I have no idea what the other companies are using. They could be using nothing more than distilled water.

Bottled Water Delivery Cost

Our bottled water costs us 100 pesos for three bottles, 200 for six. That comes out to about USD $2.10 for three and about USD 4.20 for six. When I used to buy purified water from the Glacier machines in Phoenix, it was 25 cents per gallon. Ours is closer to 15 cents per gallon. The only way we could get it at a cheaper price would be to install our own purification system in the house and then it would take years before we’d recoup the cost of buying it and keeping it running.

I had a purification system in my house in Phoenix for 12 years and I sold the house with it still in place. I don’t think I ever recouped the cost of installing it. Well, maybe. We used a lot of water.

When Josie and I were temporarily living in a seedy apartment, we used to go to the closest “Circle K” store and refill empty milk jugs with purified water from a Glacier machine. I never want to have to do that again, anywhere.

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February 19, 2016
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