Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be – Shakespeare’s Quote

wallet - borrower You can read a little about being neither a borrower nor a lender at the page for it at eNotes. Shakespeare’s quote was absolutely correct. We should all avoid getting into this kind of situation, especially with friends and relatives. Unfortunately, I’ve been a lender far more often than a borrower and I’ve felt the sting of resentment more than a few times when I was unable to collect what was owed to me.

A Borrower Likes to Forget

When I was as young as 18, I allowed myself to get into situations I should’ve avoided. I lent money to colleagues and then I had to chase them down on paydays to collect. I didn’t even get to collect any interest on my money.

It’s happened since then, but not recently. The borrower in each case made an excuse for not being able to repay me on the date we agreed upon. Sometimes they conveniently forgot they owed money and sometimes they claimed they didn’t owe me anything. One day, I woke up and decided it wasn’t going to happen again. The bank of RT Cunningham was closed.

Honor your Agreements

You should make every effort to honor your agreements, especially when it comes to friends and relatives. Forgetting is not a valid excuse. If I have someone living with me, who agrees to pay me a set amount each month, it’s their duty to make sure they pay me. I should never have to ask. Let’s put this into perspective.

If I forget to pay my electric bill, I won’t have electricity. If I forget to pay my water bill, I won’t have water. If I forget to pay my Internet bill, I can’t type what I’m typing now. So, if someone forgets to pay me for living in my home, that person should no longer have a home. At least, not in my house.

That person is a borrower. They aren’t borrowing money, they’re borrowing space. The same principle applies to borrowing money – pay your debt when you’ve agreed to do so and don’t force someone to chase you down and ask you for it. That’s just wrong.

Borrowing Money

There are times when we simply cannot get by without borrowing money. Most people don’t get paid enough to buy a car or a house outright. Those big ticket items practically force people to borrow.

For everything else, we should never borrow money for anything except in extreme emergencies. Like someone dying or something.

January 18, 2016

Personal Finance

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