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Bookmarking Services are Better than Browser Bookmarks or Favorites

bookmarking I used a bookmarking service years ago. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the service. It doesn’t matter, they went out of business.

I’ve found a new bookmarking service and it’s called “”. Well, I think that’s the name. Anyway, it’s free for personal use.

Bookmarking Alternatives

Before I say anything else about, I have to mention some of the other bookmarking services I remember. One was Foxmarks, which became Xmarks and then Xmarks Sync when it was acquired by LastPass. It’s now defunct.

Another service was called and it’s defunct as well. I think most of the services started dying off when the web browsers starting syncing their own bookmarks. Despite the fact that it works well, it automatically assumes you’ll use the same browser for everything. I don’t.

The Chrome and Chromium web browsers can sink bookmarks between them, if you’re logged into Google. It doesn’t apply to all Chromium-based web browsers, just those two. Some of the other web browsers have similar syncing abilities. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to maintain bookmarks by exporting and importing.

The Start Page Service

Technically, it’s not only a bookmarking service. But bookmarking is what I’m using it for. I’m in the process of moving most of my bookmarks from the Brave Browser I’m using these days. Those bookmarks were imported from Chrome/Chromium.

I found this bookmarking service by following the URL in the user agent string I came across in my logs. I wouldn’t have looked for it otherwise. I’m kind of glad I found it. I’ve wanted to do something like it from my website, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it work as well.

There may be other bookmarking services, but I’m way too lazy to search for them. The service works better than what I need. I really like the ability to share an entire page of bookmarks with the public and I may do something with that later on.

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By RT Cunningham
June 21, 2019