Bon Jovi – Some of the Songs that are Karaoke Favorites in the Philippines

March 27, 2017

Some things are inevitable. Every time we have a party in my compound with karaoke singing, some people will pick Bon Jovi songs.

It seems like Bon Jovi songs are among the most favorite. It’s not the only American band Filipinos favor, of course. I’ll get to the others eventually. And then, it could just be a local phenomena. In other parts of the country, things could be completely different.

There’s both American and Filipino music on the karaoke machines. Some groups will sing mostly American songs and some will sing mostly Filipino songs. I guess it depends on whether they’re comfortable the English language or not.

Livin’ On A Prayer – 1986

This is the Bon Jovi signature song. In the Philippines, it isn’t as popular as the next song.

Bed of Roses – 1993

This is the first Bon Jovi karaoke song I heard being sung when I arrived in the Philippines in 2006. It was annoying because many of my male relatives kept picking it, thinking they could do better than the previous singers.

Bon Jovi and My Music Collection

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a single Bon Jovi song in my music collection until after I moved to the Philippines. I picked up one or two at a time and it took me most of the last decade to get all the songs I wanted.

The two songs I picked from YouTube are the first ones I thought of, but I have several more in my collection:

Like most music from various artists, I don’t like every song they put out. They’re just one of the many bands that became popular in the 1980s. I prefer 80s music over the other decades.

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