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Bluetooth – Wireless Technology I Know Little About

When I wrote about playing loud music on Sundays, I briefly mentioned streaming music over Bluetooth. That shows how little I know about it. Wikipedia has a page that explains this wireless technology way better than I will ever be able to.

All of the cell phones around here have Bluetooth adapters built into them. My laptop computers do not (I didn’t pay much for any of the three). Sometime within the last several years, I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle. I don’t remember when and I don’t remember why. I tested it today to see if it still works by pairing my cell phone with the laptop computer I’m using now. It still works.

The boombox I mentioned in the other article is now being used for more than just male bonding on Sundays. In fact, it’s being used almost every day of the week for one thing or another.

Bluetooth for Dance Music

My wife, Josie, wakes me up early in the morning (before eight) these days. It took me years to wake up as late as 9 am. Old sleeping habits are hard to break. Now she wants to get up early again? It’s only so I can play dance music so she can exercise for about an hour.

I call it booga-booga music and it doesn’t matter what it’s really called. It has to have a beat that she can match her movements to. First, I tried dance music from this decade. She didn’t like it. Then I tried dance music from the 90s. She didn’t like that either.

Josie should have told me she wanted 80s music. More specifically, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Survivor and others I can’t think of at this moment.

Bluetooth is Slow

I transferred a couple of files from my laptop computer to my cell phone. It was excruciatingly slow. WiFi is fastest using something like AirDroid, followed by USB.

If I want to transfer a lot of files, I’ll use AirDroid, thank you very much. Bluetooth works great for speakers and probably works well for headsets. I don’t like wireless headsets of any type because the batteries don’t last long. Well, at least they didn’t the last time I tried using one.

April 21, 2017

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