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Birth Control isn’t even Close to being the same as Abortion

condoms - birth control - abortion Whatever you want to call it (I call it pregnancy prevention), birth control isn’t even close to being the same thing as abortion. Unfortunately, some religious people think it is. Birth control prevents conception. I think everyone can agree that without conception, there isn’t life.

Thank goodness the governments of America aren’t restricted by religious beliefs. I just read this news article about how women in California can now get birth control without a prescription, after the states of Oregon and Washington. The rest of the states need to wake up.

Birth Control and Pro Whatever

I really don’t understand the difference between pro-choice and pro-life, other than in the context of an abortion. If you’re talking about birth control, I guess I’m pro-choice. If you’re talking about abortion, I’m definitely pro-life. I consider abortion, at any stage from conception on, as murder except in some very unique circumstances. Aborting a child because the child is unwanted is definitely murder even if a government allows it.

I can almost guarantee someone would want the life that is ended by a mother without forethought. Thousands of couples can’t have children, whether it’s a biological thing or something else. Many of these couples want children and would do almost anything to have at least one child. Putting an unwanted child up for adoption is the kindest thing you can do for them. It’s also the kindest thing you can do for the child.

What’s the difference between a biological mother and an adoptive mother? You can be sure the adoptive mother wants the child.

Be Fruitful and Multiply – Really?

I understand it was one of the first commandments given by God, if not the first (I don’t read Genesis often enough to remember the order of things). Whatever. It made sense at the time. It doesn’t make sense now. We don’t have to be told to multiply. With the global population spinning out of control, we need to be told not to multiply.

Religious zealots will say that preventing pregnancy is the same as abortion in the grand scheme of things. They’re wrong, totally wrong. Birth control prevents contraception, the beginning of a life. Abortion ends a life. The same zealots will say that male masturbation is a sin because of the wasted seed and I’m sorry, it’s a completely different sheet of music.

The male reproductive system will discard unused sperm in one way or another. In the absence of a proper receptacle (a willing partner), it’s really up to a man to choose to let the sperm get discarded naturally or help it along. Since I’ve never heard anyone say female masturbation is a sin, then it must be okay. Did you notice my intentional sarcasm?

The Problem with Birth Control is the Methods

Natural birth control is the best method, and abstinence is the best of the natural methods (and of course, can cause either gender to masturbate when abstinence becomes uncomfortable).

The birth control pills of today are better than the birth control pills of yesteryear, but they’re not perfect in any sense. Some women experience side-effects. Some birth control methods are draconian (the IUD, for example).

Different methods of birth control work for different people. There’s a range of choices and at least one will work. Let’s see:

I didn’t break down the various surgery options. I’d probably get them wrong without looking them up somewhere.

These are the only birth control methods I’m aware of without doing research on the subject. I didn’t mention more than one sexual alternative because I consider the rest of them as both unsafe and unhealthy.

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By RT Cunningham
April 10, 2016