Does Proof Exist that the Bible isn’t a Book of Myths?

bible - myths It’s hard to have to faith in anything these days. There are plenty of atheists and former Christians (who also call themselves atheists) who will readily call the bible a book of myths. They seek proof of God’s existence. They seek proof of Jesus’ existence. They won’t take the bible at face value. A few years ago, after I heard that Herod’s name was inscribed on the wall of Jericho, I became keenly interested in biblical archaeology. It’s one discipline of science that seeks to verify bible locations. Perhaps some proof exists to confirm bible historicity as well.

The Myths of Sodom and Gomorrah

Until recently, these biblical cities were considered nothing but myths. There wasn’t any proof they ever existed. Some archaeologists haven’t mentioned much about Gomorrah, but they believe they have evidence Sodom is Tall el-Hammam.

The scientific description of what happened to those cities is going to be different from the biblical description. The book of Genesis was written for simpler people of a simpler time.

The Myths Surrounding the Parting of the Red Sea

I’ve read more than one source about where the Red Sea was parted by the hand of the almighty. There’s a video on YouTube that purports to be scientific proof God did the miracle of parting the Red Sea. It’s an interesting video.

Like anything else related to Christianity, detractors will do everything they can to discredit anything that confirms bible stories.

The Literal Bible

Some people believe that the bible is metaphorical or allegorical or some other such nonsense. The bible has to be taken literally or it makes no sense at all. Of course, there’s something hidden in the bible that most modern biblical scholars won’t spot unless they look for it. I may get into that in a future article, but don’t count on it. The point is, the stories don’t follow the scientific method. Much of what’s written refers to the supernatural, not the natural.

What I’ve mentioned so far seems to show the bible isn’t a book of myths. I think some people want it be nothing more than myths so they can be free to live their lives without having to answer to a higher power. What amazes me is the timing.

More than ever, wrong is being touted as right and bad is being touted as good. A lot of evil is being exposed for what it is and no longer being able to hide in the shadows. I imagine more discoveries will soon be made to prove the bible isn’t a book of myths, no matter how bad some people want it to be.

October 24, 2015


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Byron Watts (2015)

There are a very large number of people who began as atheists who seriously considered the evidence. The result is, they ended up very devout followers of the way. If you begin with the goal to discredit the writer and are not honest with the evidence, you can prove in your own mind that almost anything is is myth.

Keep in mind that what many call science is really not.

Ron (2015)

100's of prophecys have been fullfilled in the last 6000 years or so...only a few remain to be fullfilled. It stands to reason if the majority have already been fullfilled the remaining few will. And soon.

Timothy Gott (2015)

Not your best writing here RT. You usually have a depth and passion about what you write which didn't show here. Not so much a criticism as a 'note'. I've had a few "off" days myself as of late.

RT Cunningham (2015)

Well, sometimes I can't convey what I'm trying to say no matter how hard I try.

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