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The Best Computer Monitor you can Buy could be a Television

I just read the article on “the best computer monitor you can buy” at Digital Trends. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not willing to spend up that much on a computer monitor.

A computer monitor is normally used for, well, a computer. You can attach it a laptop computer as well as a desktop PC. You just need the right cable to go with it.

Instead of trying to use a computer monitor for entertainment, why not turn a television into a device that can also be used for computing?

Using a Television as a Computer Monitor

It’s really easy with Windows 10, even with a laptop computer. With a laptop, right-click on the start menu icon and choose the mobility center. I haven’t tried it with Linux Mint or Lubuntu yet, but the display setting on those are pretty easy as well.

With modern computers, all you really need is a modern television with an HDMI port. It sends both the video and audio signals to the TV, so you don’t have to buy speakers to go with it. You can buy televisions in various sizes, so you’re not really limited to a huge TV.

I’m Doing it Now

The Windows laptop I never use for computing is serving another purpose. I have it hooked up to the 42-inch TV downstairs, by HDMI of course.

I have a ton of movies that I converted from DVD to video files sometime in the past. They will fail on that TV at about the one hour and 15-minute mark. It’s a software glitch in the media player that’s built into the TV. From what I understand, a lot of televisions suffer from that glitch.

To get around the problem, I hooked up the laptop. Now, I don’t watch a lot of movies I’ve already watched. When I’m bored, however, I prefer watching them on the 42-inch TV instead of my laptop’s 15.6-inch computer monitor.

February 5, 2017

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