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bamify ads BAMify Ads isn’t a free traffic exchange, but Google’s AdSense division might consider it as such. If you’re not using AdSense, you should get free website traffic anywhere you can find it.

I’m not sure Google considers BAMify Ads a free traffic exchange. You can take your chances and use both, but please read Google’s AdSense program policies before you do.

How do BAMify Ads work?

You start out with 5000 credits. When you display ads from other sites you earn credits. When other sites display your ads, some of your credits get deducted.

The number of credits earned or used depends on the ad sizes. Larger ads use multiple credits and the smallest ads use only one.

If you need to get more traffic and don’t have the credits to do so, you can buy packages or subscriptions. The most expensive package is $150 a month and the most expensive subscription is $120 a month.

They have all the popular ad sizes, including skyscrapers. They don’t have responsive ads.

Will I use BAMify Ads?

Not on this website. I need what little I make from Google AdSense to pay for my web hosting. I don’t get paid every month like I did years ago, so I can’t take any chances. I won’t take any chances.

If I create another website, I’ll definitely use BAMify Ads until it gets popular enough to use traditional advertising on it. I call that type of usage a “jump-start”, with the sole purpose of collecting backlinks.

Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve dealt with some good advertising companies and some not-so-good advertising companies. I’ve never paid for advertising (like Google AdWords) and I never will. Since I don’t have a product to sell, it would completely defeat the purpose of making money from advertising. While I wouldn’t make money from BAMify Ads, I wouldn’t spend any either.

May 31, 2017

Web Development

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Blackdove (2017)

Have you tried monetized youtube videos? I find that 20 to 30% of my monthly adsense income now come from my youtube videos. It's only recently that I get consistent monthly adsense payments and it's because I now easily break the 100usd limit due to youtube earnings.

RT Cunningham (2017)

I wouldn't even know where to start with YouTube videos.

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