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How to Keep from Going Bald - My Personal Experience

bald man Aside from a couple of references to a movie and TV series, everything I’m about to tell you is absolutely true about going bald. Even so, you should take what I have to tell you with a grain of salt. Or maybe several grains.

My slowly receding hairline started receding when I was 18. It’s receding so slowly that I’ve made it to 54 (soon to be 55) and I’m not even at the half-bald stage yet. At this rate, I may never go completely bald. I have four brothers and I am number four (one younger brother) and I have the most hair out of all of us.

I have four sisters (one’s deceased) and I’m number seven of nine children, but that’s totally irrelevant. Sorry, I just can’t resist inserting pop culture references when I can to see if anyone will notice.

Why I’m Less Bald than My Brothers

There’s one thing I did that none of my four brothers did and that was to join the military. Of all the branches, I picked the one that kept me more physically active than the rest, the United States Marine Corps. Before I joined, I had a serious problem with dandruff. Most of that problem went away for a couple of reasons.

Perspiring from the scalp helps to push the sebum away from the hair follicles. A lot of dandruff is nothing more than sebum (as opposed to dry skin on the scalp). I guarantee you I spent a lot of time sweating when it mattered the most for my hair.

I loved spicy food back then and I could eat nachos with jalapenos every day. Well, if I could afford it. I put black pepper on things when I remotely thought it would make the food taste better. The spice caused my scalp to sweat every time.

I’m convinced that all that perspiration played a big part in slowing my hair loss.

Hair is Overrated

At least for men. I’ve known a lot of men who shaved their heads. Some of them were going bald but not all of them. Frankly, life would have been easier for me if I had shaved my head as well. Unfortunately, the shape of my bald head wouldn’t be any more pleasant to look at.

Some younger people, thinking I was younger than I really was, used to point at my receding hairline and make fun of it. It was annoying.

Some younger people point to my big belly (which is slowly getting smaller) today and make fun of it. Hey, I’m 54! Leave me alone! Get off my grass! Heck, I might let it get larger just to have something to do with myself.

If a man is already married (a stable marriage, I might add), I don’t have a clue about why he’d make a fuss over his hair anyway. It’s not like losing it would cause a divorce or something. Anyway, I don’t worry about it and I still like spicy food and sweating from the scalp.

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By RT Cunningham
September 6, 2015