My AMP Only Website – I’m Seeing Validation Errors after more than a Week

- January 18, 2017

AMP errors I passed the one week mark on the 14th or the 15th of January, depending on your time zone. The 12th and the 13th are the dates of the validation errors. Today’s the 18th.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting by without one validation error or another. I made some mistakes when I first set it all up, but I fixed the errors immediately after the first Google Search Console notification. That was at least four days ago. It seems Google’s AMPHTML crawler doesn’t revisit often at all. It usually takes only three or four days for the regular crawler to index pages (non-AMP).

Some Validation Errors Make No Sense

Before I started on this project, I installed the AMP Validator Chrome Extension. The brunt of my errors occurred when I converted the pages to static pages. They were easy enough to fix.

One error, “use of deprecated tags or attributes”, makes absolutely no sense. It tells me it’s related to the “amp-social-share” component on pages where it isn’t even included. It’s going to take a while for me to figure out why.

Another error was caused by an html symbol within a “pre” code block. All I had to do was change the less than symbol into its HTML entity. I still don’t know why it affected AMP validation.

Frankly, this is one of the reasons I gave up on AMP the first time around. Errors that make no sense and errors that I couldn’t seem to fix.

Google Ranking Boost?

One of my contacts (on Google Plus, I believe) asked me if I’ve seen a boost from Google yet. Well, no. It’s taking Google forever to index them as AMP and even longer to revisit corrected pages.

I suppose I should get at least a minor boost when everything’s indexed but I won’t hold my breath. I’m probably getting boosted more by the subjects I’m covering.


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