American Restaurant Franchises in the Philippines

August 6, 2016

There are American restaurant franchises you expect to see in the Philippines because they’re in many countries and yes, they’re here in the Philippines. And then there are also franchises you expect to see in the Philippines, but they’re not here. At least, I haven’t seen them or heard about them being here.

Of course, none of them can compete with the Philippine restaurant franchises when it comes to numbers. Jollibee, Chowking and Greenwich pizza (all belonging to the Jollibee Foods Corporation) seem to be everywhere.

American Restaurant Franchises I Know About

There’s a list of countries with McDonald’s restaurants and of course, the Philippines is on that list. The first McDonald’s opened in Manila on September 27, 1981.

I was surprised to see even one McDonald’s restaurant in Olongapo City when I moved here in 2006. There’s two in Olongapo now. In the neighboring Subic Bay Freeport Zone, there’s two more that I know about, including the one in the Harbor Point Ayala mall.

At least one McDonald’s restaurant exists in every medium to large city. There’s even one or more along the Northern Luzon Expressway, along with other American restaurant franchises.

There’s a list of countries with KFC restaurants and again, the Philippines on the list. The franchise was established in the Philippines in June of 1994 and today, more than 237 KFC restaurants exist here.

There was one KFC in Olongapo City when I moved here. Now there’s at least three. One at SM City Olongapo, one at the Harbor Point Ayala mall and one at the Pure Gold building at the freeport.

Again, there’s one or more along the Northern Luzon Expressway.

I don’t know much about the other restaurant franchises, unless you count Starbucks. There’s two Starbucks at the freeport zone and more than one along the Northern Luzon Expressway.

There are others I’ve seen (or been to):

American Restaurant Franchises I Don’t Know About

I can google with the best of them. Although I’ve never seen one, three Taco Bell restaurants exist in metro Manila. Apparently, nowhere else in the country. There used to be a Jack In The Box somewhere but it no longer exists. There used to be a Domino’s Pizza in Olongapo, but it shut down before I moved here.

Metro Manila, being the largest metropolis in the Philippines, has more restaurants than I can remember seeing. People on the net mention Outback Steakhouse and Hooters, so I have to assume in Manila.

I’m not very picky when it comes to fast food. All of them, American franchises or otherwise, have something I enjoy eating. The only fast food I eat a lot of is fried chicken. KFC delivers, Jollibee delivers and S&R Pizza delivers (from the Pure Gold Building at the freeport) on the rare occasions when I want pizza.

I mostly eat at home but I make a point of eating out at least once a month. It’s usually a non-fast food, sit-down restaurant though because I’m usually not alone.

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