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The American Independence Day Weekend Causes Problems for Expats

Independence Day The American Independence Day weekend doesn’t cause problems for all expats. It only causes problems in countries that don’t celebrate the holiday on the same day.

I’m talking about non-American territorial countries, of course. I don’t know if Guam, Puerto Rico or any of the American territories celebrate it.

Even though the United States granted independence to the Philippines on July 4, 1946, the Philippines calls it Republic Day. Their Independence Day is June 12.

Getting Paid Before or During the Independence Day Weekend

Before I switched from PNB to BDO, I never received my direct deposit payday payment before the 5th of July.

This is my first Independence Day weekend with BDO. I called them this morning (Monday, the 3rd here) and my deposit was already there. That may have something to do with my deposit going into a Bank of New York Branch instead of a Philippine National Bank branch in the United States.

Making My Car Payment

I have a tight budget. It took me a lot of effort to make sure I always have enough to pay my car loan payment when it’s due. It’s always due on the 3rd.

I always have an extra payment sitting in the bank. Any holiday weekend that happens when a payment is due will screw me up if I don’t. I can only think of this weekend and New Year’s weekend in the United States as being troublesome, but local holidays are just as bad. And there are way more holidays in the Philippines than in the United States.

Some Expats Don’t Mind the Holidays

At least as far as banking is concerned. There are all types of expats, not only people like me with a permanent resident visa.

A lot of expats don’t own cars and they don’t make payments of any kind. Some of them can afford to wait until the holidays are over.

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By RT Cunningham
July 3, 2017
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