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Amazon will be the Amazon of the Philippines instead of Lazada

Amazon In July of 2015, I wrote that Lazada was the Amazon of the Philippines. That will probably change before the end of this year (2017).

Unlike Disneyland Philippines, this isn’t a pipe dream or an unsubstantiated rumor. Amazon really is coming to the Philippines.

Amazon Plans and News Sources

When Bob Martin posted that something big might be happening when it comes to, I just had to look a little deeper into it.

TechCrunch mentioned Amazon’s intended entrance in Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore, in the first quarter of 2017. They didn’t name the Philippines. They mentioned it again when they said the schedule slipped. Again, they didn’t name the Philippines.

The website did name the Philippines, along with some of our neighbors, but only as it concerns the Lazada Group.

Partnerships and Competition

Lazada, owned by Alibaba, is the only real competition Amazon will have to face. Bob Martin said they would probably partner with the SM franchise and use 2GO as their courier service. Lazada uses both 2GO and LBC and possibly others.

Most of what you can find at seems okay as long as you stay away from the Chinese stuff. The prices seem fair too. I expect Amazon would carry more American, Japanese and Korean products than Lazada.

I’ve used Lazada a few times and I can’t complain. I’ll probably use Amazon more, especially for the stuff I can’t seem to find on Lazada. I hate running from store to store locally looking for something I can’t get here either.

I wonder if it means Amazon will offer their Prime service here as well.

Improved Shopping

It all started when the two malls started getting built, one in Olongapo and one in the neighboring freeport zone. Both opened in 2012.

The shopping experience is a lot better today than it was in 2011. The vehicular traffic in the city is a lot worse. People from other provinces bus in almost every day of the week to take advantage of the freeport zone, where they don’t have to pay taxes on anything. That includes imported goods.

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By RT Cunningham
April 18, 2017

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