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Can an Alkaline Diet Lower Acidity in the Human Body?

There are a lot health myths out there and I’m not sure following an alkaline diet is any different. It’s worth investigating, however, because there’s a ton of literature about it. One website that simplifies it says “Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you NEED to Do“. I like to read the “free” references and I read the first one at the bottom of the article. I found it interesting that it supports at least one thing I’ve changed in my diet over the years.

Can an Alkaline Diet Defeat Cancer?

Well, the article I referenced above seems to say so but you can take that information with a grain of salt. There are way too many variables involved in various cancers to put the finger on any one thing. The reference, “The Alkaline Diet: Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health?” says a lot more about it than I care to repeat here.

On the other hand… Some suggestions are going to improve your quality of life regardless of an alkaline diet. Most processed foods contain too much added salt (sodium chloride) and consuming less of it is going to help matters tremendously. Sure, we need salt in our bodies, but too much is too much.

Adding fruit and vegetables to your daily diet is going to help matters as well. Unfortunately, a variety isn’t always available. My wife, who’s temporarily in England, recently remarked how she couldn’t find many vegetables in the grocery stores she went to. In contrast, we can find more vegetables than we’ll ever be able to eat in the Philippines.

The Vinegar Trick

I was surprised to see a recipe including apple cider vinegar as an option in the first article I mentioned above. I already know what vinegar can do for me, as I mentioned when I wrote about it being one cure for heartburn.

I’ll never need the vinegar trick ever again. I like sliced cucumbers marinated in black pepper and vinegar as a snack food. If you like salads, an oil and vinegar salad dressing would probably work just as well.

Contrary to what you may think, food items that are acidic themselves won’t have any negative effect. In other words, the acid in vinegar and the citric acid in citrus fruit won’t hurt you when consumed in normal amounts. It’s really hard to consume too much of it.

Is an Alkaline Diet Worth Pursuing?

I don’t believe there’s anything you can do to specifically follow an alkaline diet. There really isn’t any evidence that consciously raising your alkaline pH is anything more than a temporary measure. The best thing you can do is eat more fruit and vegetables and less of everything else, especially junk foods loaded with salt or sugar. Your alkaline pH should be normal if you do.

If you eat more fruit and vegetables, eating less of everything else should come naturally. Unless you’re a pig who can’t stop eating, of course. I find that I have no appetite for junk food when I eat the food that I know is good for me (and it’s food that I actually like).

August 23, 2015

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