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Alaska Employment Update – I Think My Wife is Going this Year

When I wrote about the seasonal jobs in Alaska, I wasn’t sure my wife, Josie, was serious. I guess she really was serious since she had me going through the motions for her.

Although I’ve done everything for Josie so far, the next step is entirely up to her. The one place she applied to will be contacting her next week.

Alaska Research

There are plenty of website for job seekers. Some of them want paid subscriptions and some do not. The free ones tend to have a lot of nonsense job listings and rarely have what I’ve ever looked for.

I contacted Feyma Martin, who worked in Alaska last year, a day or two after I wrote about it. A few days later, her husband Bob answered me.

Bob referred me to the CoolWorks website. I searched and found only one seafood processing plant looking for workers – Coffee Point Seafood in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Applying for Work in Alaska

Josie sat with me as I filled out her application with the E&E Foods corporation. They have multiple companies under their umbrella, including Coffee Point Seafood.

I submitted the application on Saturday night. We’re about 14 hours ahead of E&E Foods in Seattle, Washington. We received a reply this morning at about 2:30 am, which would be about 10:30 am, Monday morning in Seattle.

The message simply told us they would be following up with a phone interview next week.

Getting to Alaska

As I wrote last time, I expected this to happen in 2019 instead of this year. The Coffee Point Seafood summer season starts in June and lasts for five to six weeks. If she wants to work longer, they’ll transfer Josie to another plant in Alaska to work until August, for another five or six weeks. Some people end up working six months or more every year.

The E&E Foods page on seasonal employment tells us everything we need to know. We have to pay for the flight from Clark airport in the Philippines to the airport in Seattle, Washington. They take care of getting her from Seattle to Bristol Bay, Alaska.

The company will pay for Josie’s return trip to Seattle, but only if she finishes the contract. To get an idea of what kind of work they do, check out the Alaska Department of Labor seafood processing video.

What if Josie isn’t Hired for this Alaska Job?

It’s not a big deal, to either of us. As I wrote before, we’re not hurting for money. There are other companies and other sites in Alaska, if she wants to apply for others.

I’m not fond of the idea of spending two to six months alone again, but I won’t stand in Josie’s way when she wants to do something. I’d like to go with her, if possible, but I can’t. I’m physically incapable of doing the job.

I’m going to continue to look for job opportunities similar to seafood processing in Alaska. The jobs don’t have to be in Alaska. They don’t even have to be in the United States.

January 8, 2018
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