Air Supply – Soft Rock Music that will put Almost Anyone to Sleep

Air Supply Although Air Supply is an Australian soft rock band that formed in 1975, I don’t remember hearing anything about them until 1985, after their second self-titled album came out.

My wife, Josie, and I watched their music videos on MTV in our first year of marriage, when MTV was still worth watching for the music videos.

I collected some of their songs over the years, but I didn’t make good MP3 copies until I got a hold of a couple of greatest hits CDs.

Air Supply – Music to put Almost Anyone to Sleep

I’ll usually play an episode of some TV series on my laptop computer at night to put Josie to sleep. It’s not intentional, but it works. On those nights when I have nothing I want to watch, I’ll play soft rock music. That music almost always turns out to be from Air Supply.

Air Supply’s music will always put Josie to sleep. I don’t like to listen to music after I lie down, so it’s a rare thing for it to do it to me. And it does, on occasion.

Lost in Love – 1980

Out of all the songs from Air Supply, “Lost in Love” is Josie’s favorite. Perhaps it’s because it was the first one she heard on MTV, but I can’t be sure of it.

Every Woman in the World – 1980

More than a couple of movies have included Air Supply songs on their soundtracks. This is the one I remember from “Slither“:

I Can Wait Forever – 1983 or 1984

This song was supposedly playing in one scene in the first “Ghostbusters” movie. I can’t verify that until I watch it again. It’s not in my movie collection.

It’s not a favorite of either Josie or me. I’m showing it simply because of the movie. The only music I remember from the movie was the title song because the rest of movie kept me focused on the action, not on background music.

May 22, 2017


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