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It’s Almost Time to Replace All of My Aging Laptop Computers

laptop computers I have three laptop computers and I’ll need to replace them soon. I would prefer a desktop tower system but I can’t travel with that.

I have old LCD monitors and desktop system parts in a storage room. I’ll probably never use any of it again. I may be able to use the monitors if I get a CCTV system someday but I doubt I will.

My Existing Laptop Computers

One laptop computer is an old MSI Wind netbook from 2008 or 2009 (I really don’t remember when I bought it) where the final replacement for Windows XP ended up being the Mate edition of the latest 32-bit Linux Mint version.

My daughter-in-law used the netbook in her room until she left to go to the United States. It’s still sitting in that room. I have no idea what I’ll do with it but I won’t give it to anyone around here. It won’t last long if I do. I guess I’ll use it as a backup should this one start having issues.

I obtained a full-sized laptop computer in 2012 but I didn’t start using it until 2013. It’s an HP laptop computer that started out with Windows 8. I let it upgrade to Windows 10. It still works but the monitor is whacked. It changes colors constantly.

I obtained the laptop computer I’m using now sometime in 2014. It’s another HP laptop computer that started out with Windows 8. I let it upgrade to Windows 10 as well. I replaced the hard drive in 2016. I bought a solid-state drive at the time but I didn’t use it because I found a brand new hard drive in an external case that I had never put to use.

When I installed the new hard drive, I installed a version of Linux Mint on it instead of Windows. I will never buy Windows anything separately, especially since I like Linux better.

Buying New Laptop Computers

The cheapest laptop computers I can find locally in the Philippines are priced at around 20,000 pesos (AMD, not Intel). That translates into around $400 USD at the current foreign currency exchange rate.

I guess it’s fortuitous that my wife and I are going to visit our children and their families in the United States. I can buy laptop computers from for less than that, with more brands and models to choose from. Some of them even have touchscreens. I doubt any of them have solid-state drives.

No, I’m not interested in laptop computers powerful enough to be used for gaming. As long I can get one that can do what the one I’m using can do, I’m good to go.

I don’t need multiple laptop computers. I only need one and I need it as a backup for when this one dies (or becomes barely usable). The netbook, which I’m leaving here, isn’t something I can type on regularly. It’s too small and too slow. I’ll even leave Windows on the new one until something goes wrong.

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By RT Cunningham
April 24, 2018

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