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The Age of the Human Race vs. the Theory of Evolution

Darwin - human race One of the ideas that people express quite often is that the human race is thousands or even millions of years old. Another of those ideas is the general theory of evolution, that the human race evolved from primates. Both ideas are ludicrous and the reason is simple mathematics.

If the human race began, or evolved from something else that long ago, there wouldn’t be any land left to house us all. If you do the math, you don’t have to be religious to understand that humanity is a relatively young species of animal on this Earth.

How Old is the Human Race?

First, let’s make some assumptions. Let’s assume the human race doubles in population every 100 years. I’m being conservative, assuming that each parental coupling produces four offspring and nothing else happens. I know both assumptions are wrong, but it’s a good way of guessing. After all, aren’t scientists guessing at anything that isn’t supported by direct observation?

We know, from recent history, that the worldwide population more than doubles every hundred years. It’s more than doubled since I was a child and I’m only in my 50s.

Based on my simple calculations with a spreadsheet and assuming the human race doubles in population every 100 years, it would only take 3,300 years for the population to be larger than the current global population (over seven billion).

Conflicting with the Theory of Evolution

I don’t have a problem with micro evolution, caused by adaptation within a species. I have a real problem with macro evolution, one kind evolving into another (like primates into humans or dogs into cats). It isn’t observable and the timetable isn’t tenable. According to scientists, that kind of evolution would take millions of years. Again, there wouldn’t be enough land to support it.

The only way the human race could be at the population density it’s at now is that it’s not as old as scientists would have us believe. Something cataclysmic had to have occurred more than 3, 300 years ago to decimate the existing population. Coincidentally, biblical history speaks of a worldwide flood somewhere around 4,000 years ago that wiped out most of the human race.

Old Earth or New Earth

This is something I refuse to debate anyone about. There are people in both camps – those who believe in an old Earth and those who believe in a new Earth, with a new Earth being about the same age as humanity.

To believe in either age of the Earth, a person has to have faith. That faith is either in a supreme being or the experts of science. You don’t need any kind of faith, however, to do some simple math.

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By RT Cunningham
February 23, 2014