Accidental Low Carb Diet – Oatmeal to the Rescue

oatmeal with blueberries - low carb I never thought I’d eat oatmeal as a countermeasure to an accidental low carb diet. I’ll explain what I did shortly. But first…

Back in December of 2014, I wrote about my rapid weight loss without being on a diet. Sometime in April or May, I hit a plateau. I didn’t seem to be losing weight at all. I had a goal of losing about 40 pounds before rainy season started and I doubt I’ve reached that goal. In April, I noticed I had to cinch my belt as far as it would go to keep my trousers from falling to my ankles when I was walking outside. Other than that, things are pretty much the same.

An Accidental Low Carb Diet

I don’t know when it happened exactly. Sometime between the time my wife left for England (in March) and today, I started favoring foods that are naturally low carb foods. I won’t go into great detail, but I stopped eating things like potatoes (including french fries), sweet potatoes and rice. Oh, I had a little now and then, but nothing like I’d had in the past. If I listed the things I’ve eaten regularly, you wouldn’t believe me. How can an adult man at the age of 54 survive on what I’ve eaten?

A few days ago, I started having short dizzy spells. Nothing serious, of course. Yesterday, I realized the only time I didn’t have dizzy spells at all was when I was drinking coffee. It’s the only time I consume any kind of sugar (if you don’t count the syrup I use on pancakes when I eat them for breakfast, which is no more than once a week). Over the past month or so, I’ve cut way down on coffee (it’s just too hot to drink more than a couple of cups a day). I’m not getting the sugar boost I used to get.

Anyway, I suddenly knew what was going on. My blood sugar level had dropped lower than it had ever been and it was causing the dizzy spells, which culminated in a day where I felt tired and weak all day long. I took several naps yesterday, something I hadn’t done in years (when I was sick). I wasn’t sick at all. A low carb diet, even if it’s intentional, has to be monitored. My low carb diet wasn’t intentional. It just happened.

Oatmeal to the Rescue

It’s a known fact that your blood sugar level rises soon after eating. Most of time, it lowers again after a couple of hours. I wanted to eat something that would last a bit longer and oatmeal (not to be confused with The Oatmeal) does the job just fine. Instead of one of my regular dinner menu items, I ate a bowl of oatmeal last night, lightly sweetened. The feeling of being weak and tired left me within an hour and lasted until I went to sleep at my normal time.

This evening, I had fried chicken and rice. A brother-in-law killed and cleaned the chicken and a sister-in-law cooked it. It wasn’t that much rice, but I had two big pieces of chicken.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll have oatmeal again. If dizzy spells return, I’ll really have something to worry about. I get plenty of exercise every day, more than I really need at my age, and a low carb diet isn’t something I should be following anyway.

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