38 Special – The Rock Band, not the Pistol with the Same Name

I don’t have a story to go with every band or artist. 38 Special (or .38 Special) is just one of many like that. They formed in 1974 but I didn’t know it (and I didn’t care). I paid no attention to them, even as an adult. It seems like a lot of people didn’t pay attention to them until they had a breakthrough hit in 1981.

Back when MP3 files seemed to be the next big thing when it came to storing music, I started building my music collection. It was before I moved to the Philippines in 2006, but I don’t remember when. I didn’t want to ship the hundreds of music CDs I had stashed away at my house. I converted what I had to MP3 files. Over the first few years I lived in the Philippines, I converted MP3 files from music CDs some people here had collected. Eventually, I had gigabytes of MP3 files stored on a hard drive. I still have them and I add to the collection when I can.

38 Special

As I said, I didn’t pay much attention to 38 Special. I had a bunch of CDs that were collections of greatest hits from various artists. The three songs I’m presenting today (or maybe only two of them, I don’t really remember) were on those discs.

I’ve probably deleted more music than I’ve stored. No, I know I have. I didn’t get rid of these three songs by 38 Special because I’d heard them before and I recognized them from my [much] younger partying years.

I’m really surprised at the number of songs I’ve amassed. I have one 32 gigabyte USB flash drive more than halfway filled and I imagine I’ll need to get a bigger one before long. I don’t believe in spreading things over multiple devices or drives.

Hold On Loosely – 1981

Caught Up In You – 1982

Back Where You Belong – 1984

November 5, 2016

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