2014 in Retrospect – It wasn’t All Bad, though it Seemed that Way

Nanay 2014 2014 wasn’t a very good year for me, despite the good things that happened at various points. I don’t expect 2015 to be any better, yet I hope it will be. I’m going to make a few changes here and there and hopefully those changes will make an impact. Even though I have low expectations, perhaps something I’ve been working on will bear fruit and make all the difference in the world. I’ve actually been working on multiple things but I don’t expect more than one or two of them to reach the last stages. There isn’t any more I can say about them without making myself sound foolish (possibly) in the future.

The Good Things that Happened in 2014

I’m jumping the gun a little because at least one good thing happened after a bad thing.

My mother-in-law (“Nanay”) recovered from surgery for a chronic subdural hematoma on the left side of her head near the end of September. She no longer needs a wheelchair or a walker but she needs help going up and down steps and stairs.

My younger son, Jon, went into the United States Army in January and finished his school in November. He’s regular Army now and stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

My wife, Josie, and I returned to Olongapo for good. Josie will be taking a trip to England (thank goodness I don’t have to go) for less than six months to help our older son, Joseph, take care of his kids while his Air Force wife is deployed to yet another country. But that’s next year.

Even though I expected a wet and rainy Christmas Day, the weather cleared up just in time. We played loud music and some people got drunk. I haven’t been drunk once since I’ve been here even though I’ve drunk a lot of rum and coke (Tanduay and Captain Morgan). Apparently, I haven’t been trying hard enough. It’s a situation I probably won’t rectify before the new year.

A future daughter-in-law visited with me and Josie today (mostly Josie). Jon and her are engaged to be married sometime in 2015, here in Olongapo, if things go as planned.

The Bad Things that Happened in 2014

Although it seemed that Nanay’s injury occurred in 2014, it didn’t. It started affecting her in August, but the injury actually occurred some time after October of 2013 (after she returned to the Philippines). My in-laws were so afraid of telling us about it that it almost cost Nanay her life.

We spent a small fortune on surgery and medicine. So much that I had to sell my car (in the Philippines) to finish paying the bills. I don’t have a vehicle of my own now, but transportation isn’t an issue.

We had to build a new septic tank and reroute drainage pipes to it. Not only did we have to pay for supplies, but we had to pay for labor as well. The ineptitude of supposedly capable in-laws and their family members overwhelmed me. Corroded fittings had to be replaced. Toilet seats had to be replaced (please don’t ask me why).

Does 2014 Balance Out?

No, not really. I’ve only mentioned things that affected me at a personal level. I didn’t mention things outside of that or it would probably be tipped far on the bad side.

2014 was a good year for some people and bad for others. Things will never balance out or tip to the good side unless people change. And I’m talking about the many, not the few.

Well, here’s to hoping for a better 2015. I’ll even drink to it.

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