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1989 - The 10th and Final Year of the Crazy Eighties

1989 - crazy eightiesAccording to the 1989 page at Wikipedia, the internet first became commercially available that year. Or at least, the first internet service providers and the worldwide web came into existence that year. I don’t know about all that, but I had a hard time finding a provider in 1994. I’m sure that was mainly because most people didn’t have a clue back then.

Happenings in 1989

A lot more happened in the 1980s than I can remember and I’m only focusing on what I remember. I’m also only focusing on United States events.

Movies Released in 1989

I don’t like repeating what I’ve previously written, so here’s the list of what I can remember.


I can’t tell you if I watched the previous or subsequent seasons of what I list here, if that even applies. I’m probably repeating previous years somewhere in this list.

I can honestly say I didn’t watch every episode, not even when the repeats were aired.

Music Released in 1989

Even though 1989 officially marked the end of the 1980s, I didn’t just suddenly stop listening to music. My collection spans music from the 1960s through today.

My Apologies

For each year of the crazy eighties, I relied mostly on memory. I cheated, of course, using other lists to refresh my memory. Still, I’m sure I left out important events, movies, television shows and music titles. I’m sorry if I’ve left out anything you like (or liked), for whatever reason.

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By RT Cunningham
November 24, 2019
United States