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1987 - The Eighth Year of the Crazy Eighties - My First Favorite Year

1987 - crazy eighties1987 is my first favorite year of the decade. I was transferred from Yuma, Arizona to Okinawa, Japan sometime in the middle of the year. That by itself made it a better year than most.

I was on an unaccompanied tour (meaning I couldn’t bring my wife and children), but the government paid to move my family to the Philippines. While they were there, I was allowed to bring Josie (my wife) to Okinawa at my own expense. She spend six months with me there.

Happenings in 1987

I wasn’t aware of a lot that happened in the United States in the latter half of 1987. The only English-language channel on TV was AFRTS (or AFN), ran by the United States Department of Defense. I didn’t bother with it since most of the US-based TV shows were more than a year old.

Movies Released in 1987

I’m not ashamed to admit that Josie and I watched a lot of these as pirated movies. They weren’t available otherwise. Some we borrowed and some we bought at $10 a pop. VHS copies of movies available for rent in the United States could be found on almost any street corner near Kadena Air Base. They stopped doing that shortly before I was transferred away in 1988.


I didn’t watch much television in 1987 or 1988. I was on Okinawa a year in the middle of that period. Because I was a huge Star Trek Fan back then (not so much today), I bought the pilot episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” on a pirated videotape. These are the series I remember watching, but I don’t remember where or when (except for the one I mentioned).

Music Released in 1987

There was a lot more music released than I heard in 1987. I attribute most of it to being outside the United States.

Playing Catch-Up

This is going to be redundant, but I’m still playing catch-up. I listen to Spotify regularly and focus on music released in the eighties. I visit many of the streaming video services regularly, just looking for the movies and TV series I missed back then.

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By RT Cunningham
October 6, 2019
United States