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1986 - The Seventh Year of the Crazy Eighties - Bad Things

1986 - crazy eightiesOther than a trip to the Philippines, I can’t remember much of 1986. Well, other than what I watched on TV.

In February, Josie (my wife) and I were glued to CNN Headline News when the People Power Revolution unfolded. Also known as the EDSA Revolution, it ousted President Marcos, who was then exiled in Hawaii.

In April, my wife (Josie) and I went to the Philippines to retrieve my stepson, who I later adopted. While we were at it, we had our younger son (Jon) christened as a Catholic at a beach party in Olongapo.

Happenings in 1986

I have to be careful not to mention the things happening outside the United States. In the eighties, there was a lot of things happening in other places that didn’t really affect us.

Movies Released in 1986

I may sound like a broken record because I don’t remember watching one movie at any theater.


Another broken record. I don’t remember much of anything as far as regular broadcast TV goes. I believe the channel selector was stuck on MTV or HBO most of the time. When it wasn’t, I remember seeing at least some of these (many because I just happened to be there while Josie was watching):

Music Released in 1986

I’m sure there were many more that I just didn’t hear.

Not a Good Year and Not a Bad Year

Other than what I mentioned in the introductory paragraphs, I don’t remember a heck of a whole lot. I was in the military and I worked at least five days a week, so I probably shouldn’t remember a whole lot.

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By RT Cunningham
September 26, 2019
United States