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1985 - The Sixth Year of the Crazy Eighties - An Important Year

1985 - crazy eighties1985 was an important year for me. It was the year I married my first, only, and current wife. My younger son, Jonathan, was born around nine months later.

I was stationed with the Marine Corps in Yuma, Arizona (the second time around) and only for a little over two years. The government loves moving military people around even when it serves no purpose. In this case, I was glad the tour only lasted that long. Overseas tours were always less political with the military leaders.

Happenings in 1985

Movies Released in 1985

Because Josie (my wife) was pregnant for most of the year, we watched most movies on rented video tapes or waited for them to show up on HBO. Yuma had two drive-in theaters and one walk-in theater. We had to leave “The Return of the Living Dead” at one of the drive-ins because the gore made Josie sick.


Although I was aware of a lot that was on television in 1985, I didn’t watch most of it. Josie liked watching the nighttime dramas, which she still does, while I have always ignored them.

Music Released in 1985

This was the year I started collecting music on compact disc. I joined a music club and received CDs in the mail. I still had most of those CDs more than 10 years later. I copied the music from the CDs to files soon after I bought my first IBM-compatible computer. Since I was using Windows 3.11, I’m sure they were WAV files. I’m also sure I converted them to MP3 files later on.

There are probably many more I can’t remember at this moment.

Not My Favorite Year of the Eighties

Not even close. As I mentioned earlier, Josie was pregnant for most of the year, and she drove me crazy. I had to deal with the cravings, the anger and everything else. She had no other relatives or close friends to unload on.

Even if I could go back in time and change things, I wouldn’t.

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By RT Cunningham
September 9, 2019
United States