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1984 - The Fifth Year of the Crazy Eighties - Significance

1984 - crazy eighties1984 was a year of significance for many reasons. It was the title of a book written in 1949, which had film adaptations in 1956 and 1984 (not a coincidence, I’m sure). It was also the title of many songs and music albums, including my favorite from Van Halen.

It was the year I petitioned my fiancée (my first, only, and current wife) to enter the United States. We married in January 1985, more than 34 years ago.

Happenings in 1984

Other things happened, obviously, but nothing I care to mention (that I’m not mentioning below).

Movies Released in 1984

I watched none of these movies at the theater and certainly not in 1984. Nevertheless, I’ve seen each one of them at least twice (some many more than others).


Out of all the shows that aired in 1984, these are the only ones I remember watching in 1984 (and probably only once or twice due to my work schedule):

Music Released in 1984

I didn’t start collecting music until the following year. Although I heard most of these songs on the radio, it was usually while I was driving from one place to another.

There were many more. Remembering just this many exhausts me.


My Second Favorite Year of the Eighties

Depending on whom you ask, the eighties either started in 1980 or 1981 and ended in either 1989 or 1990. I prefer to think of it as 1980-1989. 1984 was my second favorite year of the eighties because it was my last year being single (at the age of 24). My favorite year came later but I won’t mention it now.

I spent most of the year stationed in Hawaii before being transferred to Yuma, Arizona for a second tour. I worked with great people in Hawaii, in an aircraft squadron, and that probably made all the difference in the world.

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By RT Cunningham
August 21, 2019
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