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1982 - The Third Year of the Crazy Eighties - Memories Are Us

1982 - crazy eighties What stands out in my memories of 1982 is that I was transferred from one duty station to another after little more than a year. If I had been married at the time, uprooting my family would have been upsetting.

What I didn’t like was being transferred to Hawaii. Although it was an island other than the one I lived on in the 1970s, my high school memories were still fresh in my mind. It had only been five years and things don’t change quickly enough.

Happenings in 1982

Most of the happenings of 1982 occurred in places outside of the United States.

Movies Released in 1982

I’ll be honest and admit that I watched all of these on cable television (or rented VHS tapes) and it wasn’t in 1982.

Those weren’t the only good movies released in 1982, but they’re the only ones I remember watching.


When I was assigned to the Yuma air station, I almost stopped watching television completely. I watched very little after arriving in Hawaii. The only series I really remember is “Remington Steele”.

Music Released in 1982

I heard most of this music on a video jukebox in the enlisted club on the base in Hawaii. I’m sure I heard some of it on one radio or another.

There was much more music than I listed. I simply can’t list everything or I would be here all day.

Again, Mostly a Blur

I’m surprised I don’t remember more about the year of 1982. I guess it’s true that you remember things that are important to you, or things that traumatized you in one way or another. There is very little I remember of my off-duty hours.

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By RT Cunningham
August 4, 2019
United States