What Refrigerator Size do you Need? How Big is Big Enough?

- August 16, 2017

What refrigerator size do you need? I wouldn’t ask an American a question like this.

Americans tend to want the largest refrigerator sizes they can afford and still fit in their kitchens. Newer American homes normally have a galley kitchen size to work with and a fridge that barely fits.

Country homes have, of course, a country kitchen size and can fit larger refrigerator sizes in the kitchen area.

What about the rest of the world? The average resident in the Philippines doesn’t have any refrigerator at all. I’ve been to other countries where it’s just like that as well.  (more…)

Are Non-Dairy Creamers Like Coffee-mate Bad for You?

- August 16, 2017

When companies introduced non-dairy creamers either in the late 1950s or early 1960s, people didn’t know that one of the ingredients isn’t good for you at all.

The use of non-dairy creamers peaked in the 1980s, but there are people who have always used one form of milk or another instead of buying into the non-dairy creamer routine.

The bad ingredient I’m talking about is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Hydrogenation is what happens to vegetable oil when it’s cooked. Shortening, and I don’t see it around as much as I used to, already contains hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Toilet Humor – Toilets and Bathrooms are also Known by Other Names

- August 15, 2017

The room I call a bathroom is known by other names. The same thing goes for the sanitation fixture I call a toilet. It depends on where you’re from or where you live. It also depends on what language or languages you speak.

I’m obviously focused on English speakers, but not necessarily American English speakers. Filipino English isn’t the same as American English and neither is the English spoken in countries other than the United States (obviously).  (more…)

Toilet Paper for Wiping or Water for Washing your Privates?

- August 15, 2017

Many toilet paper companies will go out-of-the-way to avoid using the term “toilet paper” on packaging, like it’s something objectionable to the average person.

Toilet paper has, in fact, been used in one form or another for centuries for personal hygiene. While its use isn’t limited to the bathroom (lavatory, water closet, etc.), it’s what most westerners associate with it.

Other than its most common use, toilet paper is also used in place of the tissue paper used for things like runny noses.  (more…)

Public Urination – It’s More Common than You Think

- August 14, 2017

Public urination is offensive to some people. It depends on the area and the customs of the people in that area. You can see public urination happening often outside of urban areas. Not so much in urban public places.

Despite what you think, it isn’t taboo to urinate in public. It could be inappropriate, however, based on the circumstances. You wouldn’t want someone visibly doing it near a gathering, like a wedding or some other formal ceremony.  (more…)

Frequent Urination Problems? These Tips May Help You Solve Them

- August 14, 2017

Sometimes there are serious medical reasons that can cause problems with frequent urination. Sometimes it’s all about what you’re doing or not doing regularly.

If you find yourself urinating often or have the feeling you need to urinate all the time, your problem might be easier to solve than you think. I have some tips you can try. They’re based on things that have happened to all members of my family at one time or another when frequent urination was an issue.  (more…)

AMP Revisited – I Still Can’t Make Forms and Other Things Work Right

- August 12, 2017

The first time I tried to work with accelerated mobile pages (AMP) was about a year ago. I tried again about seven months ago and I had the same problems.

I just spent most of the last two days trying to work with them again. I’m still having issues and I’m not a novice. I’m sure a novice would be completely lost.

I don’t like the way the AMP coders implemented form support. I don’t like the way they implemented iframe support. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about AMP.  (more…)

The Seasons of Weather in the Philippines – Either Dry or Rainy

- August 10, 2017

We all know there are four seasons of weather (spring, summer, winter and fall), right? In tropical countries like the Philippines, the four seasons aren’t even recognized. Officially or unofficially, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is what the people living in the Philippines recognize.

The one thing that bothers me the most about the weather is when people know a tropical cyclone (typhoon) is rolling in and still do nothing to prepare for it. It bothers me more than the storm itself.  (more…)

UHT Milk vs. Dairy Fresh Milk – Differences in Taste and Consumption

- August 10, 2017

In most areas of the Philippines, as well as many other places in Asia and Europe, UHT milk is the only milk you can buy from the stores. UHT stands for either “ultra-high temperature processing” or “ultra-heat treatment”, whichever you prefer.

Someone invented UHT milk in the 1960s. It became generally available in the 1970s and I consumed my first “box” of UHT milk in 1983.  (more…)

iflix is Great Competition for Netflix in the Philippines

- August 8, 2017

iflix is an Asian streaming service, like Netflix in the Philippines, but less expensive.

I wrote about Netflix back in March. I sampled it, off and on, for the trial month and then canceled. There weren’t enough choices to support the amount they wanted from me every month. The amount of movies and television series available was far less than that of Netflix in the United States.

I signed up for a trial subscription to iflix today. I’ll probably keep this streaming service and in a moment, you’ll understand why.  (more…)

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