The X Stands for Expression

josie and rtcunningham - RTCXpression - expression The first three characters of “RTCXpression” are my initials. My name is RT Cunningham. The X stands for “expression”, which is what this website is all about. My self-expression, that is.

This is the place where I publish information and opinions about a variety of subjects. Regardless of what subject I write about at any given time, I try to be as clear and concise as I possibly can. I don’t have a college degree in anything, although I do have a few college courses under my belt.

About Me

I was born in 1960 and my wife was born in 1961. My older son was born in 1980 and my younger son was born in 1985. I’m a grandfather, courtesy of my older son and his wife. In the Philippines, I’m also a lolo of more than just my grandchildren.

I spent 20 years in the military. The United States Marine Corps, to be exact. Before that, I worked as a paperboy and then as a part-time janitor at a high school. After the military, I worked in the IT department at a telemarketing company and then as an accident claims processor at a large trucking company.

I’m retired from regular employment and I live in the Philippines as an American citizen and expatriate, in an area of the world some people would call a writer’s paradise. I live in the suburbs of Olongapo City, on a hill at the end of a road.

The Things I Write

I try not to write about personal issues, but I will on occasion. I write about the Philippines, naturally, because it’s where I live. I usually write what comes to mind on any given day.

I cut my programming teeth (BASIC and Assembly Language) on the Commodore 64 way back in the 1980s. I hacked some software and ran a bulletin board service on a Commodore 128D from 1992 to 1998. I used some of my programming and people skills at a later job, where I ended up as the manager of the IT department, working mostly with UNIX servers. I quit that job for medical reasons, but I would have quit eventually anyway. Programming is a hobby for me and it wasn’t fun when it became a job.

I don’t program much today – I usually write short scripts to carry out specific tasks. I spend much more time writing, or researching subjects to write about. Perhaps I’ll someday write a novel, but don’t count on it. I prefer nonfiction and technical writing.

It’s all about Expression

I have no trouble sharing my knowledge and expressing myself to some degree. The reason I continue writing, even when I think I have nothing to write about, is because I want to get better at it. I have no problem expressing myself in any other medium.

I envy writers who are able to convey emotions and other expressions through the written word. It’s something I aspire to do, but I’m getting too old to learn new tricks. The middle-age years snuck up on me and I’ll probably be a senior citizen before I’m considered as proficient as anyone else.

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