Saltwater Fish or Freshwater Fish – Which is Better for you?

- September 21, 2017

Whether saltwater or freshwater fish is better for you than the other isn’t important. It doesn’t even matter which of them tastes better.

What’s important is which types contain the lowest amounts of mercury. Equally important is which types have the most omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for good health.

We tend to get more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids from animals other than fish. We can get omega-3 from non-animal sources but eating fish is the easiest way to get it. (more…)

Stop Automated Comment Spam on a Static Website

- September 20, 2017

If you think WordPress and other CMS-driven websites get all the comment spam, think again. This website, a static website, was getting comment spam on the same day I added the contact and comment forms.

In August of last year (2016), I set this site up on my laptop and started using it to create static files for my online website. I started using a third-party comment system, Disqus, because I was too lazy to create custom comment routines. As soon as I started using my custom comment routines, the comment spam returned.  (more…)

Kingsman and Statesman – The Movie Spy Genre is Fun Again

- September 20, 2017

I just got back from watching the first sequel in the Kingsman movie franchise. This was the opening night at the Harbor Point Ayala Mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”.

I didn’t know what to expect before watching it, other than what I saw on the movie poster in the theater. Seeing the poster, I knew the “Galahad” character played by Colin Firth would be in it. I also knew some other familiar actors joined the cast.

Whatever the review may say next week, we (the four of us) were thoroughly entertained.  (more…)

Free Domain Names and Web Hosting Accounts – Without any Catches

- September 19, 2017

When I had a problem finding out why an error page kept coming up on my web server, I looked for alternatives. I found a place that gives away free domain names. The TLDs aren’t the best, but they work.

I had already found a free web hosting service. One that isn’t interested in converting a free account to a premium account. They rely on donations.  (more…)

Loofah or Luffa, it’s the Scrubbing Sponge made from a Fruit

- September 19, 2017

I heard a daughter-in-law, Diann, use the word “loofah” once when referring to a plastic mesh scrubbing sponge. That was years ago and I forgot about it. Until today.

It turns out that the plastic mesh scrubbing sponge gets its name from the luffa fruit. There’s a plant bearing that fruit in our back yard. The Tagalog (Filipino) word for it is patola and Filipinos eat it before it gets old enough to use for anything else but food.  (more…)

Digital Media Evolution – CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Beyond

- September 18, 2017

Having been born in 1960, I’ve seen both analog and digital media evolving in the marketplace. Younger people can’t seem to appreciate these advances in technology. I’m talking about the people who were born after the 1970s.

Digital media comes in all shapes and styles, but the basic media it’s stored on is very inexpensive.

Expense comes into play when you start adding computers and assorted computer peripherals to the equation.  (more…)

A Power Bank isn’t Necessary but it’s Something Nice for Emergencies

- September 18, 2017

I have a power bank in my possession for the first time. They’ve been around for some years but I never thought about buying one. And I didn’t buy this one.

My daughter-in-law, Cathy, bought a larger power bank and got this extra one for free. A buy-one-get-one deal at Lazada Philippines.

I don’t know if Cathy bought this product instead of others because it was a good deal or because she wanted to give the extra one to me and my wife (Josie). Either way, I have one.  (more…)

Cell Phones and Smartphones in the Philippines – Even the Latest Models

- September 17, 2017

Just like anywhere else in the world, you can see all kinds of mobile phones being used in the Philippines. The mobile phones include everything from the really old-style cell phones (without the colorful screens) to the latest smartphones and everything in between.

The thing that makes me laugh is that many smartphone options are only usable in and around the “downtown” areas of the cities. There are people who will brag about those options in the rural areas, even if they can’t use them. (more…)

This Error Page on Chromium-based Web Browsers does not Make Sense

- September 17, 2017

I need some help. Someone, anyone, please test my comment form. The form processes but I get an error page displaying in my web browser, currently Vivaldi. What’s odd is that the PHP file processes before the error page displays and the comment goes through.

It doesn’t happen with Firefox and some other web browsers I’ve tested. The error page appears with Chromium, Google Chrome and Vivaldi (all Chromium-based), all fresh installations. I can’t test with Safari or Internet Explorer, of course, because I’m using Linux.  (more…)

Native Comments will Return when I Finish the Custom Routines

- September 15, 2017

Native comments are those that become a part of every post or article. The software makes it so. This contrasts with comments from third-party services like Disqus, where the comments load from another source.

Most static websites won’t include a comment section unless they use a third-party service. That’s because they can’t use server-side scripting with whatever host they’re using. I can use everything with my web host, though I choose not to. I can use PHP for form processing even when I choose not to use it for anything else.  (more…)

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