I Won’t Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other Smartphone

When I read Mashable’s article, “Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Hit 10 Million in ‘Record’ Time“, my first thought was “Meh”.

If I sound less than enthusiastic about the Samsung Galaxy S4, I’ll clarify. I’m less than enthusiastic about any modern smartphone.

The best description of my attitude would probably be better described as “unimpressed”. I’ll explain.

A Smartphone has Features I don’t need

Samsung Galaxy S4

By Javierito92 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

How many features do I not need in a communications device costing more than many modern laptops? It would be easier to single out the ones I do need. I need a basic cell phone service that includes voice calls and text messaging and that’s it. Basically, I need a cell phone from 10 years ago, not a modern smartphone. Unfortunately, I’d have a hard time finding just a cell phone these days, even in my area of the world, the Philippines.

Almost every time I’m in the United States, I have more than one relative or family friend attempting to show me what their smartphones can do, bragging about things I really have no interest in knowing about. In fact, they were doing that since before the first iPhone was released.

You can call me an old man (at the age of 52 while writing this) if you’d like, but I believe in buying technology you can actually use every day.

Data Services and Infrastructure

I’m sure I’m not alone when I’m talking about the lack of supporting infrastructure for data services in the area where I live. I live in the “suburbs” of Olongapo City and the people living there are lucky to get any cell phone signals at all. I’m sure it’s like that outside of the business areas of all the cities in the Philippines, including Manila.

I’m also sure there are many places in the United States that are similar to the Philippines when it comes to the areas covered by the wireless providers. Maybe it’s a good thing – I’ve seen the astronomical prices the carriers are charging for their data services.

The Price Tags

The most recent price I saw for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was $649. That’s about a hundred dollars more than the price of the HP laptop I’m using now and I guarantee you my laptop can do a lot more than that smartphone can do.

No, I won’t be buying any kind of smartphone anytime soon. I don’t even have any kind of mobile phone now and I’m okay with it, even though I occasionally need one (and I rely on relatives in those instances). Unfortunately, there may come a time when I won’t have a choice in the matter and I won’t be able to do things I need to do without one. I blame the teenagers and the young adults for that specific trend.

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