Search Engine Optimization is a Game I don’t Want to Play

I created my first blog in 2006 but I didn’t learn about search engine optimization until 2007. Even then, I didn’t make any money from that blog until 2008, when I learned to focus on what people wanted to read.

I gave up on learning new ways to use what I’d learned in June of 2013 (last year) because it isn’t only about “search” anymore. It’s also about being socially active. Many of the old techniques don’t work anymore, so using those techniques is pointless.

The Search Engine Optimization Game

search engine optimization Every time I see my profile on LinkedIn or receive e-mail from LinkedIn about being endorsed for SEO, I laugh and shake my head in disbelief. It’s still the top skill on the list!

I’m not an SEO expert. I never was. I simply learned how to play the game with Google. That is, until Google started coming out with what seemed like anti-SEO algorithms. Google isn’t against search engine optimization, it’s against the techniques we used to get away with. A lot of those techniques exploited the shortcomings in their algorithms that needed to be fixed.

I can give you a list of techniques that work and will always work, but I’m not going to bother. I don’t like parroting information that’s already been repeated a thousand times. These techniques are available on every website that specializes in SEO and most of the information is free.

Online Marketing and SEO

If you’re working on a blog or anything similar, and you’re attempting to make money from it, you’re doing a form of online marketing. In this instance, you’re marketing yourself and your words of wisdom. You really need to learn basic SEO – if you use WordPress, there’s a plugin for that.

If you’re not attempting to make money, then search engine optimization isn’t going to be your top priority. Even so, you should become familiar with the basics because your priorities could change overnight. It happened to me and it can happen to you.

I Still Make Money

Even though I’m ignoring search engine optimization as much as I can, I’m still making money because I’m focused on one idea at a time. The WordPress SEO plugin I use almost forces me to stay focused.

I’m also far more social on social websites than I used to be and it’s actually helped me in my search engine rankings. I’m still not as social as some people – I don’t comment a lot on Google Plus, Facebook or anywhere else and I usually only post or re-post what I’ve written on this website.

I’m sure I could make a lot more money if there was a subject I was passionate about and I wanted to dedicate most of my time to it. Alas, I’m not passionate enough about any one subject to make that happen. That could change, but I’m not banking on it.

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