Why I’m not a Kindle Author or any other Kind of Book Author

I’m not a Kindle Author or any other kind of book author. I am an author, if you can call an article writer an author. I certainly meet the definition. Perhaps someday I’ll be a book author, but I don’t see it in my near future.

There are reasons I’m not a book author already and the fear of failing isn’t one of them. The primary reason is I can’t invest the time to write one, but there are other equally important reasons.

Testing the Waters

books - Kindle author Writing articles on a website like this is how I test the waters. I try to find out what interests people and what they’re likely to read. At times, I’ve attempted to move beyond this format and try my hand as a Kindle author. Something always seems to set me back and it’s usually something personal.

Only recently has writing as a book author become something open to more than just the select few who’ve had their books accepted by publishing houses. I’ve even stuck one toe in the water myself, so to speak, by buying Kindle authoring software designed to make writing e-books as easy as possible. I bought Jutoh, but I’ve heard Kindle Writer is pretty good too. I wrote a short e-book using all the features of Jutoh, just to see if I could do it. That’s as far as I’ve gotten as a Kindle author so far.

I have an older Kindle e-book reader and I enjoy reading e-books on it. The e-books I enjoy reading the most are the ones that converted from books that are several decades old, kind of like I am. Every time I attempt to write anything more than an introduction, I start comparing my writing skills with the authors of those books and I feel inferior before I even begin to write anything of substance.

Another reason I haven’t dived into the water yet is because I’m quite comfortable where I am on the sand. I don’t need more money than what I receive every month (though my wife would disagree) and I never get to keep anything I make above and beyond what I need. Writing a book of any kind would be something I’d be doing for personal enrichment more than anything else even if it might seem otherwise.

What if I become a Kindle Author?

One day, I may feel the need or want to immortalize my name with an e-book or two. I’m afraid, however, it will probably end up on a list of permanently free books.

If and when I decide to dive in, I have to make sure I have all my rubber ducks in a row, if you know what I mean. E-books still need decent covers, like those made by Red Swallow Design, and sometimes they need proper formatting for whatever platform they’re designed for (even print). BookFormatter.com, or something like it, is a service which could probably do the job for me.

One of my shortcomings is that I don’t have much of an imagination. I suppose it has a lot do with my personal history, which I don’t feel like sharing most of the time, but I’ll never really know. I’m not artistically inclined or I’d be able to create fantastic e-book covers on my own. I find following detailed instructions for things that don’t interest me a lot more of a challenge than I care to embrace or I’d be able to format my own books without any help from anyone else.

And then there’s the cost of engagement I would have to deal with. When venturing into the realm of Kindle authoring, because of my own limitations, I’m sure I wouldn’t come out unscathed. I’m going to have to pay someone somewhere to do the things I simply cannot do.

I’m not a Kindle author now and I’ll probably never be any kind of book author. There’s a chance, however, that things will change and I’ll suddenly find a lot of time on my hands. Until then, I’ll be happy as an article writer and I’ll use the talent I have to market my ideas in other ways.

Final Thoughts on Kindle Authors in General

There are a lot of Kindle e-books on sale at Amazon. A large percentage of them are completely worthless. Another large percentage of them are worth far less than the asking price. There is, however, a very large percentage of e-books that would make any Kindle author proud to called a Kindle author. They’re the Kindle authors I admire.

If I ever become a Kindle author, I want to belong to that last group of Kindle authors – someone you’d want to admire.

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