Hot Coffee in a Can is Another Way to Get Coffee when you Crave it

Back in 2011, I received an e-mail message from a guy in Australia about “ready-to-drink” coffee. I didn’t know he was talking about coffee in a can that heats up until we exchanged a few messages. I thought he was talking about iced coffee, or cold coffee in a can.

I plead ignorance – innovations like hot coffee in a can wouldn’t show up as quickly in my neck of the woods, the Philippines, as they would in the United States.

Cold Coffee in a Can

UCC canned coffee If you’re familiar with the Starbucks Frappuccino line, you’re probably also familiar with other coffee brands in a can. I’ve been familiar with them since 1987, when I was in Japan. In fact, the canned coffee brand I popped out of vending machines was UCC.

As you can probably guess, I wasn’t impressed when I returned to the United States in 1988 and found iced coffee in the local supermarkets. It was already old hat to me. Even when Starbucks coffee started appearing everywhere in bottles, I was less than enthusiastic about it.

The most recent brand of cold coffee in a can that I tasted was called “Café Time”. I can’t say it was any better or any worse than any other brand of cold coffee, but it was a heck of a lot cheaper than what Starbucks had to offer.

Hot Coffee in a Can

Hot-Can - hot coffee in a can Since I missed the big start of hot coffee in a can, I had to do some research and I didn’t know where to start until my e-mail contact mentioned Hot-Can. It was interesting information, to say the least.

The idea isn’t new. Self-heating containers have been around since before World War II.

What’s new is the technology behind the latest self-heating containers, which was only developed within the last decade. An eye-opening article, “Kitchen in a can for people on the go“, explains it very well.

I didn’t see any hot coffee in a can products before I moved away from the United States and I haven’t seen any since arriving in the Philippines. This tells me the products are barely taking off.

Well, since Nestlé joined in on making hot coffee in a can, and Nestlé Philippines is a prominent company in the Philippines, I expect I’ll find these products some day. I’ll probably have to look for them, though.

Price Points

I don’t know how much the hot coffee in a can sells for in the stores. Since I buy most of my food at the Royal Subic store at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I expect the price would be comparable to the prices in the United States, Australia and New Zealand since they import from those places.

It wouldn’t do me any good to find the prices online, which I’ve already seen once or twice. Those prices may or may not even be close to what I would pay here. Nevertheless, there may come a time when the only way to get a decent cup of coffee is by buying it in a can.

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