Gifts for the Devoted Coffee Drinker – Focused on Coffee, of Course

When you’re thinking about buying a gift, do you think about what the intended recipient drinks regularly? Of all the beverages consumed around the world, I think coffee ranks as number one. I also think the only drink consumed more than coffee is plain drinking water, good tasting or otherwise.

Anyway, it makes sense to buy gifts for devoted coffee drinkers because they tend to appreciate them because they use them.

Coffee Cups and Coffee Mugs

coffee cup I’m a devoted coffee drinker. I regularly drink more than a couple of cups per day. I can never have too many coffee cups or coffee mugs in the house. I also like to share my coffee with friends and relatives and I never force them to go and get their own cups or mugs.

When I spotted the beaker mug at ThinkGeek’s page for mugs & glasses, I immediately thought of the scene in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me where Austin Powers ended up sipping something “other than coffee” out of a laboratory beaker mug. Well, when I spotted a similar beaker mug at Amazon, I knew it would be a great gift for any coffee drinker because I wanted one.

Coffee Makers

Automatic drip coffee makers are so commonly found in homes today that buying one as a gift, especially for a coffee connoisseur, would probably be received as an insult. The recipient may or may not display their feelings to spare yours, but I’m sure he or she wouldn’t be too happy about it.

A pod coffee maker would be a better choice, as would a coffee press pot. The press pot is something I’ve only seen on TV so far (in a TV series episode).

A collector would surely appreciate an old-fashioned glass coffee percolator which still works, and would probably appreciate a supply of the right kind of grind to go with it. If this is what you choose to give, good luck finding one.

Other Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

There are more gifts for coffee drinkers out there than you can shake a stick at, if you just look in the right places. If you’re buying for a senior citizen (quite a few years older than I am now), you can’t go wrong with a novelty gift the coffee search page at Spencer’s.

For lesser occasions than full-blown holidays, you can get by with giving edible gifts or coffee drink certificates. Coffee candy, coffee cake donuts and coupons for Starbucks come to mind without any real effort.

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