Failure is not an Option, but Success often Starts with Failure

The origin of the quote, “failure is not an option”, was used as the tag line for the movie, Apollo 13. In certain circumstances, failure is definitely not an option. This especially true when a single failure could result in a loss of life. In most other circumstances, it’s the first stage of success. People are rarely successful in their first attempts at anything new. It’s human nature to fail and sometimes, fail spectacularly. I’ve had failures and successes in many facets of my life thus far, and I look at the failures as learning experiences.

Marriage Success

Apollo 13 insignia - failure In January of 2015, my wife and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage. This is the first and only marriage for both of us. We’ll be renewing our vows in the Philippines, unless something happens to prevent it.

The are a lot of ingredients in a successful marriage, including love and trust. Honesty ranks way up there too. To make it this far, me and my wife must have done something right.

It’s surprising we’ve never had marriage difficulties. All but one of the married couples we knew when we got married are no longer together. In our case, failure wasn’t even considered.

Employment Failure

I’ve only been fired from one job in my entire life and it was because my employer wanted to keep me from drawing unemployment benefits (I was planning to quit). I wasn’t even entitled to unemployment benefits because I was drawing a federal pension at the time.

The only time I was interviewed for a job and failed to get the job was when I applied to be a county corrections officer. My heart wasn’t in it and I failed the Rorschach Test. I didn’t see birds, bats or butterflies. I only saw ink blots on paper. I guess I don’t have much of an imagination. I didn’t really want that job anyway.

Those were my only employment failures. Every other job I was ever hired for, starting at the age of 11, was a complete success. I worked as a paper boy and a janitor before I went into the military. I worked as an office manager, an IT manager and an accident claims processor after retiring from the military.

Now I work for myself and I’m not miserable at all.

Website Failures and Successes

I’ve been working on websites for money (regardless of how little I made) since March of 2005.

Since then, I’ve created and destroyed more websites than I care to remember. I’ve split one into several and I’ve turned around and merged several into one. It took many website failures to figure out what I considered successful.

Although I know a bit about search engine optimization, I don’t use much of it at all. I consider it too much effort for too little reward. I use a single WordPress plugin to keep me focused on the subject at hand and that’s about it. Learning about SEO, however, taught me how to focus on one subject at a time, or a group of related subjects.

Despite being newer than any of my other websites (that still exist), the website you’re looking at is the only one I consider successful and the only one care about today.

Future Failures and Successes

I could go on forever about the successes I’ve had over the years. I’m far more interested in the successes I’ll have in the future, if any.

I’m not a senior citizen yet, but that age is approaching fast. I don’t like thinking about it. Perhaps my last retirement will me my last success. In that case, failure will not be an option.

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